New Year’s Eve Crafts

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Creating home décor pieces from party supplies continue to be one of our favorite things to do here at Wholesale Party Supplies and we resolve to do even more of it in the upcoming New Year. For today, though, see how we transformed basic party blowers into a glamorous and stunning wreath then went on to glitz up a “punny” decorative label with a glittered glue pen.

Party Blower Wreath



What you’ll need:

  • Party blowers
  • Plastic cake round
  • Circle template
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft knife
  • Pencil

Using a cake round for the wreath base is a sure way to start with a precise circle but it’s not absolutely necessary. A recycled cardboard box and a dinner plate template will yield just as great of results. Our cake round measures 10 inches.


Step One:
Trace circle templates onto the center of the cake round. We used a 4-inch template for the inner circle here.


Step Two:
Remove the circle center using a craft knife.


Step Three:
Hot glue party blowers onto cake round, keeping inner circle edge flush with blower opening. TIP: Start by gluing blowers at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions. Once those spots are taken, fill in with remaining blowers.


Step Four:
To cover the exposed gaps, glue a second layer of blowers about ¾” down from the first.


Step Five:
Add a polka dot ribbon bow.


Midnight Kisses Jar



What you’ll need:

Download the label pdf here.


Step One:
“Color” label with the glitter glue pen. By creating a label close in color to the glitter, there’s no need to have perfect coloring skills. Any uncovered lines will just blend in.


Step Two:
Once the label is thoroughly dry, trim it just along the glittered outline.


Step Three:
Attach label to black glitter paper using foam adhesive.


Step Four:
Create a mat by trimming glitter paper approximately 1/4” larger than the label.


Step Five:
Punch holes in corners. Insert ribbon length through both holes and tie the square knot on the front as seen in the picture.


Hang label from jar lid then sit back and wait to claim your prize when the clock strikes midnight.

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