DIY Party Game: Obstacle Course

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For an exciting party game, set up an obstacle course in your backyard!

Kids can run, jump and crawl their way to party fun with an exciting obstacle course party activity!

The supplies required for this party game will vary, but if you think of these actions – jump over, hop, crawl through, climb over you’re sure to create a fun obstacle course. And even better,  it’s possible you’ll find what’s needed for this party game in your own back yard or garage.

Game Materials:
Items will vary, here is a list of suggestions…

  • Obstacle CourseOrange cones (sporting good store)
  • Five gallon buckets
  • Plastic hula hoops
  • Wood ladder
  • Tires
  • Chairs
  • Saw horses
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Balance beam – 2×4 wood board
  • Jump rope
  • Yard or Limbo stick
  • Lawn furniture
  • Balls
  • Fabric toddler tunnel
  • Laundry or waste basket
  • Adult or “big kid” helper
  • Prizes

Before the Party:
There are a few ways to stage an obstacle course as a game…
Kids love to just run the obstacle course over and over and each time through they receive a small treat or prize. If however you want to make it more like a race, you can establish teams. Each team will run the course while being timed by an adult with a stop watch. The team with the shortest time wins the game. Or you can set up two identical obstacle courses and and the teams will go through the course relay race style…one player at a time. The first team to finish, wins.  How you want to play the game will determine the supplies and set up required

  1. About a week or so before the party check out your yard for safety hazards such as dips in the lawn, rocks or other things that could cause trips, falls or twisted ankles ~ OUCH!
  2. Call a friend or family member to make sure they can be a helper during the party.
  3. Plan your obstacles and collect the supplies – see suggestion below.
  4. Set the obstacle course up the day before the party. Set the stage for each challenge to clearly transition from one to another.
  5. Ask the birthday child go through the course a few times to make sure it’s safe, fun and just enough of a challenge.
  6. Plan for a “Plan B” indoor activity.
  7. Prepare prizes if necessary.

Party Time:

  1. If it is a relay or timed race, dividing the group into teams.
  2. Walk through the course to show the players explain each obstacle.
  3. Line the players up at the starting line.
  4. Ready, Set, Go…
  5. Run the race and pass out prizes!

Obstacle course Ideas:

  • Lay hula hoops or tires on the ground for the kids to hop through on on foot.
  • Two helpers can make a snake with a jump rope for racers to hop over.
  • Lay a well sanded wood ladder on the ground to step through the rungs.
  • Make a tunnel with two saw-horses and a tarp.
  • Have kids dribble kick a ball or roll hula hoops while slaloming through a row a chairs or buckets.
  • Lay a 2×4 down on the ground for balancing
  • Scoop pin-pong balls or decorative plastic ice cubes out of a kiddie pool of water using a ladle.
  • Throw a ball or bean bag in a wastebasket.
  • If it’s a sports themed party, kick a soccer balls, toss a football through a hanging hula hoop and shoot a basket.
  • A superhero party can include an obstacle course for the superhero training.
  • Little firefighter need a challenge for their training as well.
  • Teens and pre-teens love obstacle courses especially when the tasks are funny and difficult such as rolling a hula hoop with a stick, shooting a target with a squirt gun or walking with a balloon between your knees.

As you can see the possibilities are endless and the challenge really depends on the age of the children.