Olympic Watch Party Ideas

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Olympics Watch Party Ideas
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Team up with your fellow “wannabe” athlete friends to celebrate the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony. Okay, maybe you do have some truly athletic friends but no matter your fitness level, we can all gather around to cheer on the Olympians competing at the games this year in South Korea. We’ve gathered some gold medal ideas to inspire you, so strap on your skis and get ready to jump into the party.

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Event Ticket

Olympics Watch Party Invitations

Let athletes know when to be ready for the Parade of Nations with an International Personalized Flag Invitation.

Host Nation Welcomes the Athletes

Olympics Watch Party Decorations

Just as the host nation will open its doors to the world, welcome guests with a barrage of balloons and an International Personalized Flag Banner. Think about hanging both were the action will be … right next to the TV.

The Olympic Village

Olympics Watch Party Table

Add that Olympic feeling to the dining table with these “low degree of difficulty” elements:

  • Flag Wreath Centerpiece. Wrap a foam wreath with black Crepe Streamers then top with toothpick flags. Set a gold bucket in the center and fill with tissue paper “flames”.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Chocolate Candies. Give a nod to all the medal colors by placing a small candy dish filled with metallic wrapped chocolates at each place setting.
  • Layered plates. Top Gold Luncheon Plates with International Flag Cake Plates for high decorative marks.
  • Streamer Stripes. Before setting the table, line the top with lengths of Crepe Streamers in all the Olympic colors.
  • Gold Medal Utensils. Fold White Napkins around Gold Cutlery then secure it all with a Gold Medal Necklace wrap.

Olympics Watch Party Food Table

For more medal-winning decorative performances, try these stylish techniques:

  • Flag Flying. Drape an International Party Flag Banner across the table front for a colorful and patriotic display. Go a step further by folding an International Party Flag Tablecover into thirds and using it as a table runner.
  • Stick the Landing. Fill Plastic Candy Vases with Gumballs in all five Olympic colors for a bold decor statement.
  • Streamer Rings. Wrap cardboard rings with Crepe Streamers and adhere together. Hang the quintet using monofilament.
  • Olympic Torches. You’d never know these iconic torches were made from Patrick’s Day Half Yard Drinking Glasses. A little spray paint and some Tissue Paper go a long way in the transformation. Get the DIY here.

The Athlete’s Dining Hall

Olympics Watch Party Food Ideas

The Olympic Village chefs will be busy feeding a plethora of dietary and nutritional parameters as well as trying to please a myriad of ethnic tastes. Our menu ideas are quite the opposite … more fun than function.

  • Center the table with a yummy homage to the Olympic rings by filling round bowls with color appropriate foods such as blueberries, black olives, strawberries, yellow tomatoes and green grapes.
  • Serve Torch Cups (ice cream cones filled with Cheetos) and Gold Medals (Golden Oreos with a fruit roll-up ribbon) for a not-so-subtle iconic reference.
  • Golden Rings (aka Funyuns) are a two-fer and a great compliment to sub sandwiches flying toothpick flags.
  • Present the top three dessert items on this glittery version of a medals stand. Simply recycle decorative holiday tins by wrapping them with glitter paper in gold, silver and bronze. Invert and place desserts on top.

The Events

Olympics Watch Party Activities

In the spirit of the games, give athletes a couple of couch-friendly events to compete at.

Paper Plate Rings – Have participants create Olympic rings from Solid Color Paper Plates. First one done, wins.

Olympics Watch Party Activity Ideas

Lego Mascots – Hand out an equal selection of Legos to each athlete. Set the timer and have them create their own version of an Olympic Mascot.

The Closing Ceremony

Olympics Watch Party Favors

Before athletes leave the village, gift them a Favor Box filled with thematic items they can enjoy while watching the rest of the games. We’ve included:

  • An International Flag Personalized Luggage Tag … because there will be MILLIONS of black suitcases at baggage claim.
  • Gatorade … because hydration is key.
  • Protein bar … to keep their strength up during the long two-weeks of strenuous TV watching.
  • Binoculars … for more accurate judging.
  • Whistle … for signaling penalties or bad ref calls.

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