Outer Space Birthday Party

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Outer Space Birthday Party Ideas
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Only the bold yearn to venture into the unknown of the next frontier and we’re here to support the next generation of stargazers and space explorers. Inspire that next level wanderlust and curious nature to solve big problems by showing kids how to explore outer space without ever leaving the house! If you have a young one that can’t keep their eyes off the night sky then blast off into space for their next birthday celebration!

Launch your Outer Space Party into orbit with these out-of-this-world ideas. Astronaut costume pieces combined with handcrafted items blast this bold thematic presentation into a solar system of fun.


Outer Space Birthday Party Invitation

Inform future astronauts of the party’s launch time and place with these Space Blast Party Invitations. Simply input the mission details and begin the countdown to the big day.


Outer Space Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Outer Space Birthday Party Decoration Ideas 2

Simulate the journey through space by decorating the party area backdrop with Space Blast Tablecloths, a Space Shuttle Piñata and DIY Planet Paper Lanterns (get the tutorial HERE). For an even more milky-way atmosphere, add Silver Dot Garlands to mimic sparkling stars.

Outer Space Birthday Party Table Details


Outer Space Birthday Party Food

Space missions (and parties) are hard work! Make sure your little astronauts are fueled up with a plethora of thematic snacks:

  • Moon pies … of course!
  • “Black Hole” chocolate donuts
  • Freeze Dried Ice Cream is a must-have splurge
  • Funyun “Saturn Rings”
  • “Super Nova” Starbursts, Milky Way candy bars and “Moon Rock” Gumballs
  • “Asteroid” Rock Candy Sticks

Outer Space Birthday Party Food Ideas

“Fruit Rocket” kabobs, chicken nugget “Meteorites” and orange soda “Rocket Fuel” are yummy ration choices too.


Outer Space Birthday Party Activities

Keep your party astronauts busy with a variety of mission tasks:

  • Shuttle Launch: Print and fold paper shuttles then launch them to see which shuttle orbits the farthest.
  • Constellation Identification: Start by giving everyone a handful of mini-marshmallows and pretzel sticks. Allow astronauts 30 seconds to view constellation flashcards then have them construct what they saw from memory.

Outer Space Birthday Party Games

  • Moon Rock Toss: Give various sized buckets differing point values and have mission trainees take turns trying to throw Splat Rocks into them. The trainee with the most points wins!

Outer Space Birthday Party Photobooth

  • Equipment Issue: Once everyone has finished devouring their rations, use centerpiece items for a photo booth. Little astronauts will especially love the chance to pose with this life-sized Space Shuttle Inflatable.


Outer Space Birthday Party Favors

When the party mission is complete, gift astronauts a decorated favor bag stuffed with fun and functional items such as a Space Shuttle Eraser, Space Fact Cards, Orbit gum, a Splat Rock and a Moon Pie … of course!

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