DIY Wedding Anniversary Paper Rosette Centerpiece

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Marriage can be a rocky road but when a couple perseveres and makes it to 35 years, it’s time to celebrate!  Relive those precious moments when they said “I Do” and create a custom centerpiece for their anniversary party using photos from their big day. Turn pretty patterned paper that matches your theme into fun rosettes to fill up a treat box and dress the table.

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs created these lovely rosettes for a family anniversary. Follow the steps below to create your own centerpiece for whatever occasion using a color palette of your choosing.

Anniversary Centerpiece Step1

To create the rosette you’ll need:

  • Patterned paper
  • Scoring Board (or ruler and scoring tool such as a bone folder)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue stick
  • Paper straw
  • Optional: photo

Anniversary Centerpiece Step 2

To create the rosette, you’ll need 2 long strips of patterned paper and 2 smaller circle shapes.  Score lines every ½ inch down the long paper strips. You can do this with a ruler and bone folder or a scoring board.

Anniversary Centerpiece Step 3

Attach the two long paper strips together with a glue stick to make one long strip. Accordion fold the long strip by folding it over back and forth like a fan.

Anniversary Centerpiece Step 4

Attach the two open ends together to make a shape as shown.

Anniversary Centerpiece Step 5

Push the shape down in the center to create the flat rosette.

Anniversary Centerpiece Step 6

To keep this shape secured, apply hot glue on one of the paper circles and lay the rosette on the circle.

Anniversary Centerpiece Step 7

Apply glue to the center of the rosette and place the other punched circle on top.  This will help secure the rosette shape.

Anniversary Centerpiece Step 8

Hot glue the paper straw on the back and allow a few minutes to thoroughly dry.  If desired, add photos or messages to the center of the rosette for a custom design.

Anniversary Centerpiece Final Look

Place these paper rosettes filled with photos and custom designed items into a blue treat box with balloon weights  and high flying balloons to complete the centerpiece!  When staged on a decorated table, this centerpiece has both a personalized feel but also provides great height to fill up the party space. Find more 35th anniversary party ideas on Tara’s party post.

And if you put together your own rosettes, share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!