Paw Patrol Coloring Pages – FREE!

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Paw Patrol FREE Printable Coloring Pages
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Keeping the guests engaged and entertained at kids parties doesn’t have to involve wrangling and shouting. We’re not saying you won’t have to do some of that at your child’s next birthday party, but we suggest trying to find a way to squeeze in some coloring time. As long as you are stocked up on crayons we can almost guarantee a bit of quiet while their focus shifts to creating a masterpiece.

If you have a group of young ones, odds are pretty good you’ll have some fans of the TV show, Paw Patrol. We created these printable coloring pages with all of the characters that make this show a favorite with boys and girls everywhere. This pack of search and rescue animals can help keep your kids’ imagination going. Invite the whole crew from Adventure Bay to your kid’s Paw Patrol Birthday Party and print out these free coloring pages to ensure the heroes make an appearance.

Click on the images below to download the pages individually or a PDF of all the pages at once here.

FREE PAW Patrol Chase Coloring Pages

Chase– “These paws uphold the laws!” This German Shepherd is keeping the streets safe and make sure everyone follows the rules.

Free PAW Patrol Everest Coloring Pages

Everest– “Ice or snow, I’m ready to go!” This Husky pup knows how to keep a cool head when the cold sets in keeping the roads free of ice and snow.

Free PAW Patrol Marshall Coloring Pages

Marshall– “Ready for a ruff ruff rescue!” Every fire rescue team has a dalmation but this one is also a medic ready to save lives.

Free PAW Patrol Skye Coloring Pages

Skye– “This pup’s gotta fly!” This graceful cockapoo has her eyes in the sky making sure everyone below is safe.

Free PAW Patrol Rocky Coloring Pages

Rocky– “Don’t lose it, reuse it!” This eco-pup can think on his paws and reuse and repurpose old objects to make broken things like brand new.

Free PAW Patrol Rubble Coloring Pages

Rubble– “Let’s dig it!” This English Bulldog is all about Construction and ready to handle any RUFF stuff.

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