Pipe Cleaner Pencil Toppers

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This is a make and take party favor craft with a twist!

Pipe Cleaner Pencil Top Craft

Who doesn’t love pipe cleaners, also called chenille stems?  They’re fuzzy, furry, easy to bend and can attach to anything. So why not a pencil? Add wiggle eyes and pom-poms to create adorable animals, monsters, or in this case wacky aliens from outer space. These aliens were made before the Space Alien party to pass out as a homemade favor,  but kids can easily make this craft during the party as well.

Pipe Cleaner Craft Supplies

Craft Materials:

  • Pipe cleaners – chenille stems
  • Plastic wiggle eyes
  • Glue dots
  • Pom-poms
  • Pencils – colored pencils look great

Steps to make pipe cleaner pencil toppers

Craft Directions:

  1. Each pencil topper will require two pipe cleaners.
  2. If you want a fluffy  alien, fold the pipe cleaner in half. Otherwise you can cut one in half.
  3. Coil the shorter or folded pipe cleaner (chenille stem) tightly around the pencil and slide it off the end to decorate later.
  4. Coil the second pipe cleaner around the pencil, leaving a straight piece at the top.
  5. Decorate the coiled pipe cleaner with wiggle eyes and pom-poms. Glue dots are perfect for this job.
  6. Now slide the decorated alien onto the top of the straight length of pipe cleaner.
  7. Twist the pipe cleaner to attach the two pipe cleaners together and make antennae.
  8. A glue dot attaching the pencil topper to the pencil keeps it secure.

Wholesale Party Supplies’ Craft Tip:
While you do not need to use two pipe cleaners, we chose to so that the aliens were springy and fun!



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