DIY Party Theme: Pirate Birthday

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Throwing and exciting pirate party for boys is easy as 1-2-3!

Ahoy, here’s  a treasure of pirate party ideas designed especially for buccaneers who want to celebrate their birthday on the open sea!

With party games, pirate crafts, fun food to eat and pirate decorations, you’ll have all the ideas you need to set sail for your son’s next pirate birthday party.

Pirate Birthday Party Invitations and Decorations

Set the stage for your pirate party adventure with creative invitations and decorations to make the kids feel like they are sailing the open sea! Here are some favorites to inspire you…

  • pirate2Nothing says “fun party “more than a hand delivered message in a bottle invitation.
  • Roll and tie your invitation. Place it in a clean water or soda bottle and top it with a cork.
  • Your guests will certainly want to attend the party if you hand deliver a personalized invitation with an eye patch or felt pirate hat.
  • Red, black and white are the perfect colors to use for a pirate party theme.
  • Decorate your front door with a Jolly roger pirate flag (skull and crossbones).
  • In addition to balloons and streamers, it’s fun to include some tropical or beach décor such as shells, palm trees and inflatable sharks or fish.
  • Whiskey barrels can be used as decorations and for party activities or maybe even a place for tired pirates to rest their weary bones.
  • pirate4Cover your party table with a matching table cloth. Scatter plastic or chocolate gold doubloons and beaded necklaces around the table for added pizazz.
  • Use your cake, cupcakes or a pirate hat for a centerpiece.
  • If your child has a toy pirate ship, it would make a fabulous party table decoration.
  • Make a decorative treasure chest with a cardboard box or suitcase. To fill up your creatively made treasure chest, search your closets and second hand stores.
  • Hang handmade treasure maps on the walls. These are easily made with brown paper bags.

Pirate Party Games and Crafts
Engaging and active party games are a must for little pirates. Select the pirate games and activities that work with your party space and age group. Don’t forget to include the birthday boy in the planning.

  • pirate5Your party guests will be thrilled if you get them into character as they arrive. You can do that with hats, bandanna, felt vests and sashes, face paint and maybe a “hook-hand” made with a party cup and cardboard hook.
  • Partying pirates can take turns “walking the plank”…a balancing game using a 2×4 plank.
  • Race the clock to stack the highest tower of doubloons (chocolate coins).
  • If you have the space, use the 2×4 from the walk the plank game to set up a relay race game to empty a treasure chest or a pirate obstacle course.
  • Pirate Peet’s relay race… the trick is that each player has to walk or run in a special way.
  • Divide the children into two teams of pirates and play a round of “tug-o-war”.
  • Using a decorated cardboard box and homemade sock beanbags, play a pirate bean bag treasure chest toss game. A whiskey barrel also works well with this game.
  • Send all of the pirates on a treasure hunt to find the party bags or a filled treasure chest.
  • New twist on a party favorite — Play a pirate version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey using a treasure map and sticky foam Jolly Roger flags as playing pieces.
  • pirate3New twist on a party favorite — Play a pirate version of “Mother May I?”. The leader wears a Captains hat and the players ask…“Captain May I take one giant step?” and so on.
  • Every pirate needs a spyglass and yours will have fun making their own with cardboard paper towel tubes, cellophane paper, rubber bands and decorations.
  • Make and decorate swords using cut pieces of cardboard or pipe insulating foam. Glitter and sticker jewels make great decorations… or purchase a kit.
  • A large cardboard appliance box can double as a pirate ship decoration and a kid’s party activity. Cut portholes, use a sheet and dowel make a mast and sail and provide markers or paint for the kids to use and they’ll do the decorating. And don’t forget to fly the Jolly Roger!
  • Make and decorate treasure chests using tissue boxes, brown paper, markers and stick-on jewels.

Party Tip: 

Instead of giving traditional goody bags, try filling a small treasure chest with goodies like stickers, candy pirate rings etc. Throughout the party and especially after each game, all of the kids can select a treasure from the chest to add to their bag of loot.

Pirate Party Food and Favors
If you are serving a light lunch or snacks, feed hungry pirates food that’s fun to eat. And then send them home with a fun bag of pirate’s loot! Here are the favorites for this party theme…

  • piratePirates love this chicken drumsticks recipe for kids.
  • Fruit kabobs loaded with pineapple and orange slices are the perfect pirate fare.
  • Cheese medallion crackers will do well as a snack or with a meal.
  • Make gold coins by topping round crackers  with a circle of cheese.
  • Goldfish Crackers are super easy and popular with little ones.
  • Serve frothy root beer served in a plastic mug.
  • Top crackers with cream cheese and berries to make jewel covered snacks.
  • Decorate a tower of Pirate’s treasure cupcakes with gold chocolate coins, rock candy and Gushers fruit snacks.
  • A sheet cake becomes a treasure chest with chocolate frosting and candy “jewels”.
  • Favorite party favors for this theme are: plastic pirate spyglass, a bottle of root beer, beanie parrot, fake jewels, fruit snacks, gold fish crackers, gold wrapped candy, small pirate figurine like a Playmobil or Lego.
  • Tie your party favors up in a pirate’s black bandanna or fill a small plastic treasure chest.
  • Fill a small black bag with chocolate gold coins and pirate stickers.

Party Tip:
If you’ve provided a “make and take” activity such as decorating a pirate sword or given your guests pirate patches, hooks or other dress up items , then a small bag of chocolate coins would be a very appropriate party favor.