DIY Party Theme: Princess Birthday

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A perfect princess birthday party is as easy as 1,2,3!

Among girls ages 2-8 years, the princess party theme continues to be the most popular. Whether your daughter dreams of a Disney princess, a pink princess or even a medieval princess theme the ideas are endless. And planning, often times, can be so much fun!

Princess Party Invitations and Decorations

Planning a royally fun princess party is easy if you have the right party items to set the stage.Here are some ideas to inspire you!

  • princessMake your own invitations using a cookie cutter shaped tiara for tracing and glitter cardstock paper (craft store).  Write the party details on the back side of the paper with a pretty gel pen.
  • When decorating for a princess party the colors of choice are often a combination of  pink, lavender, light blue and white. And keep in mind… there is no such thing as too much pink, glitter and sparkle.
  • Make a royal carpet for the entrance with pink or white butcher paper. Then decorate the entryway with streamers hung from the door frame.
  • Fill the party space with pink and lavender balloons tied in bunches of three. Attach them to the backs of chairs or let them float up from tables.   Little bags of pink candy make great balloon weights.
  • Use fishing line to hang paper stars from the ceiling at varying lengths along with white “twinkle” holiday lights make a great addition to the décor.
  • Princess-up your walls with posters of fairytale princesses like Cinderella, Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. Or wrap your existing artwork with pretty princess wrapping paper.
  • Turn a house plant into a birthday princess tree, using pink lights, shimmering plastic bead necklaces, stars and pictures of the birthday girl.
  • A coloring castle is a fabulous addition to a princess party. You can purchase one online or make your own with an appliance box covered with butcher paper. Provide plenty of crayon or markers for coloring.
  • princessCover your table with a table cloth and make a table runner with pink gossamer down the center of the table. Use your cake/cupcakes for a centerpiece or arrange a scepter and tiara on a satin pillow for an elegant centerpiece.
  • Decorate the table chairs by tying organza/gossamer around the chair backs. Add a little extra to the birthday girl’s throne.
  • Once your party table is covered scatter sequins or Mylar confetti all over the top.
  • Stick on jewels transform plastic or paper party cups into elegant royal goblets and paper doilies on top party plates or as coasters are fabulous touch.
  • Make your princess table truly unique with pretty two tone party plates you can make yourself.
  • Personalized place holders are always a nice touch. You can make them yourself with paper star cutouts, a single hole punch and candy sticks , honey sticks or straws.

Princess Party Games and Crafts
Having raised a little princess myself, this is one of my favorite party themes, so I went royally crazy with the ideas…select a few that work with the age group of your kids, party space and budget.

  • princess4Upon arrival, escort your guests to receive a princess makeover and dress-up with satin sashes, necklaces and bracelets. Tip: Too much dress-up will make play time difficult, so go easy.
  • New twist on a party favorite – Make a princess version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey with poster board, markers and sticky backed craft foam… “Kiss the Frog”, “Crown the Princess” or “Stick the Gem on the Tiara”.
  • Play Cinderella’s Slipper Match-Up – Give each guest one princess slipper (high heel or pretty flat). Players race to find the match in a big pile of mis-matched shoes. You can play this game several times and I add other shoes to make the pile bigger.
  • A game of musical chairs is even more fun when the chairs have picture of evil queens attached to the seats – play princess music (or classical) for this game.
  • Play Pass the Parcel with princess themed prizes such as stickers, jewelry, play makeup.
  • The girls will love to make princess wands or scepters to take home.
  • Make and decorate dazzling crowns or tiaras.
  • Little princesses love to make edible jewelry with candies, cereal and licorice strings.
  • Go on a hunt for the King’s treasure of gold chocolate coins, ring pops and/or plastic jewelry.
  • A “pack your purse” relay race is fun for wiggly princesses.
    Teams race to fill pretty purses with “princess stuff” like tissues, gloves, lipstick and jewels.
  • New twist on a old favorite play a fishing game where the girls fish for frogs in a lily pad pond.
  • New twist on an old party favorite adapt “Mother, May I” to “Your Majesty, may I?” and the leader wears a crown. This game requires a larger space.
  • Fill a tiara piñata with pink candies, plastic jewelry and stickers. A pull-string piñata works best if this party is indoors and involves young children.
  • Decorate jewelry boxes with paint, markers stick on jewels, glitter…Add a little candy or costume jewelry to the box and it’s a great party favor too!
  • A beading activity is always fun!
  • Allow time for the girls to color a coloring castle with markers or crayons.You can purchase one on-line, or make your own with a large appliance box and white butcher paper.
  • End the party with a quiet coloring activity or a princess story time.

Princess Party Food and Favors
If you are serving a light lunch or snacks, feed your little princesses royal food that’s fun to eat. And then send them home with an elegant princess party bag. Here are the favorites for this party theme…

  • princess6Cream cheese and jelly pinwheel sandwiches
  • White chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Sandwiches cut with a star cookie cutter
  • Pink smoothies or strawberry milk topped with a dollop of whip cream and sprinkles
  • Fruit kabobs with melon balls, grapes and strawberries
  • Top frosted cupcakes with pink sprinkles and add a toy gemstone ring to the top.
  • Maker precious princess purses by filling squares of pink fabric with small party favors.
    Gather the corners and tie them all together with a pretty ribbon.
  • Decorate pink take-out containers with foam stickers (craft store).
  • princess5If your party is a Cinderella theme, place your party favors in a small plastic pumpkin.
    Add a toy mouse for fun as well.
  • Favorite party favors for this theme are lip gloss, glitter pens, play jewelry, hair ties, Disney princess collector cards, coloring books, crayons, mini-books and candy or fruit snacks.
  • Tip: If you are providing dress-up items or make and take activities such as making a tiara, wand or jewelry box then it is appropriate to give your guests a modest party favors such as a bag of candy or tasty home-baked princess cookies.