Robot Photobooth & Lab Coat DIY

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Paper Plate Photobooth and Labcoat DIY
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Your STEM loving kid has asked to throw a super fun science birthday party and you happily said yes! Use your budget wisely and spend some extra money on science experiment supplies to help wow their friends. To transform your party space in a budget-friendly way, turn to plastic table covers and paper plates to create a fun science lab scene!

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Her wheelhouse and blog are both full of boredom busters for parties and everyday family life.

Paper Plate Photobooth Supplies


Paper Plate Photobooth Step 1

First, create your paper plate gears. Luckily, the edge of these paper plates have lines that help guide you to make your cuts. Choose an interval amount around the plate and make your cuts. In the case of this example, we cut a slit on every other line then trimmed that section. Next, trace a circular object for the inside to complete the gear.

Paper Plate Photobooth Step 2

Consider using different sized plates, intervals of the cut marks and circles for the inside portion to create different looking gears.

Roll small pieces of tape onto the back of the plates and attach to your tablecloth to create the colorful paper plate gear backdrop.

Paper Plate Photobooth Step 3

Include these gears behind your super science birthday party filled with all things S.T.E.M!

Lab Coat DIY

The number one rule in science is safety first! If you’re looking for an affordable way to have all your science party guests look like a professional scientist, consider creating DIY lab coats from men’s undershirts! With the help of a ruler, scissors, and a marker, you can turn a men’s white t-shirt into a kid’s lab coat and have them properly dressed for a round of science experiments!

DIY Labcoat Supplies


  • Men’s White T-shirt
  • Sharpie Markers (two pen widths)
  • Ruler
  • Water erase pen
  • Fabric scissors
  • Scrap piece of cardboard

First, lay your t-shirt out on a flat surface. Iron, if it’s super wrinkly.

DIY Labcoat Step 1

Use your ruler and water erase pen to draw your design. Later you can remove the blue pen line using the magic of water!

DIY Labcoat Step 2

Next, cut a deep V-neck on the front of the shirt similar to the style of a true lab coat.

DIY Labcoat Step 3

Insert a scrap piece of cardboard inside your t-shirt to lessen the chance of bleeding between the layers. Use your markers to draw over the other lines in the design. Mix between the marker widths to create a unique lab coat design.

Robot Science Party Ideas

Create a lab coat for each guest and leave them at their table along with a pair of goggles!

Paper Plate Photobooth and Labcoat DIY

Paper Plate Photobooth and Labcoat DIY

When it’s time to try out the slime, carbonation or dancing colors experiments at your science birthday party, your guests will be protected with their DIY lab coats and eyewear!

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