DIY Party Games: Rocket Ring Toss

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Party Games
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How to make your own ring toss game and countdown to party fun!

This fun competitive party game is simple to make and kids think it’s a blast! Play this ring toss game at an outer space, alien, superhero or astronaut party theme. Or with the suggestions provided below you can coordinate this game to almost any party theme.

Game Materials:

  • Three – five empty plastic or glass bottles
  • Construction paperrocket ring toss
  • Markers
  • Tape
  • Water
  • Wooden embroidery hoops from the craft store –  size will vary depending on the size of the bottles
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors

Before The Party:

  1. Fold the construction paper in half.
  2. Trace a simple rocket on one side of the folded paper.
  3. Cut the rocket from the paper, leaving a portion along the fold so that you have two rockets to wrap around the bottle.
  4. Repeat this for each bottle.
  5. Mark point values on the rockets (optional).
  6. Fill the bottles part way with water to stabilize them.
  7. Wrap the paper rockets around the bottles and secure them with tape.
  8. Separate the embroidery rings and decorate with tape (optional).
    We just use the inner rings, not the hoops with the hardware. But that too is optional.

Party Time:

  1. Set up the rockets in any formation for play.
  2. Mark the “tossing line” with tape on the floor or if you are outside use
    stones, sidewalk chalk or a stick.
  3. Players will take turns throwing the rings from the the “tossing line” attempting to ring as many rockets as they can and/or getting the highest score.

1-2-3 Party Game Tip:
You can adapt this game to a variety of themes just by changing the image you use to decorate the bottles.

  • Rocket Ring TossHosting a princess party? How about ring the castle tower.
  • Ring a Shark for an ocean or shark party.
  • Catch a fish when throwing a mermaid, fishing or carnival party
  • Lasso a cactus at your western cowboy party.
  • Catch a bug at you garden themed party.
  • Ring a Fire Hydrant at a firefighter party.
  • Capture an alien at an outer space party.
  • Ring a Pumpkin or Ghost at a Halloween party of course.
  • Ring a Candy Cane, Snowman or Gingerbread Man for a holiday or winter theme.

And if drawing isn’t your thing, try tracing cookie cutters using images from the Internet.