DIY Party Craft: Sleepover Flashlights

By August 18, 2015 DIY Crafts No Comments
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A bright slumber party craft idea!

flashlightWhen planning a sleepover adventure for your children and their friends, an activity or two should be in order. These decorated flashlights are the perfect solution! You can pick up the flashlights at the dollar store along with some cheap batteries.

Stickers, glue dots, etc. can be found in the dollar store as well. The kids can be so creative, and you can expect them to be thrilled with the end results.

If you’re throwing a slumber party, regardless of the kids’ ages, this craft is ideal because…

  • The flashlight provides kids who are less than thrilled about the sleepover part with a little security.
  • Once it’s “light-out” time the kids can play flashlight tag on the ceiling.
  • You have a party craft and party favor rolled up into one inexpensive activity!

Craft Materials:

  • One flashlight per child ( dollar store )
  • Decorations
    Stickers, craft foam letters, ribbon, pony beads, lanyard, buttons, stick on gems
  • Glue Dots for extra stickiness if needed
  • Permanent Gel pens if the flashlight has a smooth surface
  • Batteries


Craft Steps:

  1. Insert batteries and test flashlights first. You may want to do this before you leave the store, or buy an extra just in case. You are buying cheap flashlights after all and wouldn’t want one disappointed kiddo when the lights go out.
  2. Open and prepare all supplies first. I put small items in bowls, paper plates or cupcake tins to  keep the mess to a minimum.
  3. We used the tie that came with the flashlights to string pony beads, but if your flashlight has a loop on the end you can use ribbon or lanyard.
  4. Then just let the kids decorate as they desire, using glue dots kept items from falling off our textured flashlights. This should not be a problem however if you can find smooth plastic flashlights.
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