DIY Party Themes: Space Alien Party

Space Alien

Even if you don’t purchase any of our Space Alien party supplies, you can still plan and Alien birthday party that’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Invitations & Decorations

Space AlienWith fun invitations and special touches added to your party decorations, your guests will know they’ve landed on a planet of fun!

  • Handcraft UFO spaceship invitations with gray card stock paper, jewel sticker dots and gel pens.
  • Make plastic Easter egg aliens with wiggle eyes, permanent markers, pom-poms and chenille stems. Roll up a note with the invitation details and slip it in the Alien egg for hand delivery.
  • Puzzle invitations are also fun – you can pick up blank puzzles at your local craft store.
  • Welcome guests to another planet by surrounding the entry door with green and blue streamers and balloons.
  • With a little creativity, make a spaceship entry door using paper and paint.
  • Sidewalk chalk can be used to make alien footprints leading to the front door.
  • Mount solar system posters to the walls and hang planets from the ceiling. Feeling crafty? Make your own planets with paper maché.
  • Blue and green party lights add a fun touch.
  • Set the table with standard party ware using a tower of UFO Spaceship cupcakes as the centerpiece.
  • Lay strips of green and purple streamers down the center of the table to fashion a table runner. Scatter acrylic sparkle stones (craft store) or candies down the center for color.

Party Games & Crafts

Space AlienKeep little aliens happy and active with party games to match your theme. Two to three party games and one craft, should do the trick.

  • Offer alien face painting as a welcoming activity.
  • New twist on a party favorite – play an Alien version of a cakewalk using felt or fabric planet circles on the floor. Walk to “funky alien music” and collect prizes.
  • New twist on a party favorite – play an Alien version Pin the tale on the donkey with stick the Alien on the Planet.
  • Fill a jar with purple and green M&M’s for a tasty guessing game.
  • If your party is outdoors, use pool noodles and inflatable toys to create and “other worldly” obstacle course game.
  • Have a moon rock relay race game where the players race to move a pile of small stones.
  • Older kids will love an alien egg toss game!
  • Make your own Ring the Rocket game.
  • Use Chenille stems (pipe cleaners), wiggle eyes and glue dots for a make and take Alien pencil topper craft.
  • Try decorating paper plate UFO’s! or Making egg carton cup aliens with scrap materials, pom-poms, wiggle eyes, egg carton cups, glue dots and lots of imagination.
  • Play pinata with a Space Alien Pinata!
  • Use cheap dollar store gloves to make Alien puppets.

Party Food & Favors

Space AlienAll that space travel can cause partying aliens to work up an appetite…here are some favorite party treats!

  • Make purple blueberry smoothies or green Italian sodas.
  • A bowl of white grape-juice punch will look awesome with a purple ice ring UFO (unidentified floating object) and dry ice smoke…kids and adults love the special effect but be sure to follow all safety precautions.
  • Fruit slices, vegetables and toothpicks are perfect for making edible Aliens.
  • Use vanilla wafer cookies, gumdrops and frosting to make spaceship-topped cupcakes.
  • Individually wrapped planet popcorn balls or meteor cake pops make unique party favors.
  • Other space alien favorite goody bag favors include high-bounce balls, solar system stickers, wind-up toys, Pop-Rocks candy.

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