Star Wars Holiday Pies: Darth Vader

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With just a few days until the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and only a couple more before Christmas, Wholesale Party Supplies has the perfect way to celebrate both: pies! Even Sith Lords can’t resist the jolly side of the force forever… And Mr. Vader is no exception. This Star Wars-inspired pie is sure to put a smile on even the grinchiest of nerdy folks in your life!

This holiday season, you can bake your way to the Dark Side with this Darth Vader pie. There’s no lack of faith (or flavor) to find disturbing when this creation comes out of the oven! This pie was prepared by our friend Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin.

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Ingredients and Supplies


For this project you will need:

  • Pre-fab pie shell (or your own from scratch)

  • Pre-fab roll out pie crust (or your own from scratch)

  • Can of pie filling (or your own from scratch)

  • Flour

  • Pasteurized egg whites

  • Vanilla extract

  • Black and red food coloring

  • Edible snowflake sprinkles

  • Fondant glue

  • Sharp knife

  • Fondant sculpting tools (optional)

  • Leaf cookie cutters

  • Food-safe paint brushes

  • Small mixing bowls

  • Pastry Brush


Step One:
Cut out the basic shapes. Using an image of Vader as a reference, cut out the basic shapes of the mask.


Step Two:
Paste the pieces together. With pasteurized egg white as your glue, use a food-safe brush and paste the layers together.


Step Three:
Build up the details. Cut small pieces of dough to create the mask trim, and a sharp knife to add the fine details. When you are happy with the look, transfer the whole thing to your pie bottom.


Step Four:
Add the color. Mix a small amount of black food coloring in some vanilla extract. With a food safe brush, give the whole mask a light wash, allowing the coloring to pool in the creases. Add some leaf and berry details with your leftover dough to amp up the jolly.

Pop the whole shebang in the oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes, or until golden brown with bubbling filling.


Step Five:
Finish with edible sprinkle details. Allow the pie to fully cool, then add the final touch: some charming edible snowflake sprinkles.

Now you’re all ready to face the rebellion with festive panache!

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