Stranger Things Party Backdrop

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Stranger Things Alphabet Wall Party Backdrop
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Recreate Joyce Byer’s alphabet wall as your party backdrop for your Stranger Things viewing party and stage behind your Eggo waffle bar before binge watching Stranger Things season 2! At first, Joyce seemed crazy with her theories that her son Will’s dead body at the funeral wasn’t his and she could speak to him through a set of big bulb Christmas lights. Viewers eventually learned that Will was alive, but in the upside down, and she was talking to him through the lights. She wasn’t as crazy as she seemed!

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. If we have to spell it out for you, we recommend checking out her blog!

Stranger Things Alphabet Wall Party Backdrop Supplies


  • Roll of Kraft Paper
  • Scissors
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Christmas lights
  • Pencil (not shown)
  • Command hooks for hanging (not shown)
  • Painter’s Tape for hanging (not shown)

Stranger Things Alphabet Wall Party Backdrop Step 1

Unroll a roll of kraft paper the full length of your table. If needed, cut a second piece and tape together to on the back to fill the entire area behind your food table. Hang behind your food table using painter’s tape to secure in place.

Hang your lights across the paper roll. Use command hooks to hang the strings and double up the rows if you need more lights. To be authentic to the show, make sure 2 lines have at least 9 lights and the third line has 8 lights.

Tip: Don’t forget to leave enough slack to plug them in!

Stranger Things Alphabet Wall Party Backdrop Step 2

Use a pencil to sketch out the letters under each bulb. Double and triple check you didn’t miss a letter!

Begin painting the alphabet on the kraft paper. Tip: use less paint and create a slightly dry brush look, just like Joyce did on her living room wall.

Stranger Things Alphabet Wall Party Backdrop Step 3

So this backdrop might not send you cryptic messages from the upside down, but you can’t throw a Stranger Things watch party without setting up this iconic wall! And if by chance, the lights start blinking grab a pen and paper to write down what it says. It’s probably best to do whatever it tells you.

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