Stranger Things Party Ideas

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Stranger Things Party Idea
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If you’re a sucker for sci-fi thrillers, get giddy over the thought of a parallel universe, or have a sudden craving for Eggo waffles, then you’re probably a fan of Stranger Things! The Netflix original series is due to return on October 27th and we’re in the mass majority who can’t wait to see what’s in store for season two (or is it Chapter 9?). Get your Sci-fi loving crew together and host a Stranger Things binge-watching marathon complete with an Eggo waffle bar.  Enjoy shouting at the TV when your favorite characters make bad decisions and get ready to discuss new theories on what’s happening inside the Hawkins National Laboratory.

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Stranger Things Watch Party Invitations

Stranger Things Watch Party Invitations 2

Invite friends into Castle Byers where all friends are welcome! Hone your inner child of the 80’s and invite them to the party with an invite reminiscent of the era in which the show is set.


Stranger Things Watch Party Decorations

Get inspired by the Byers home and Joyce’s crazy alphabet communication idea and create a quick and easy party backdrop for your food table. Find the full tutorial on how to make this party backdrop featuring kraft paper and black paint here.

Lay down the 80’s themed tablecloth and start building your food table since you’re in for 9 more episodes with this Stranger Things marathon! Gather other 80’s memorabilia from your childhood home or a local thrift store to fulfill other spots on this tablescape. Keep the theme going throughout the party features with a fully coordinated look.

Stranger Things Watch Party Decoration Details

Chances are you know someone with a few strategy guides for Dungeons and Dragons or a Millennium Falcon, two items featured in the show, in their collection that would make a great prop to your party scene. Tip: create different heights on your food table to allow props and decorations to stand out. To create another tier on this table, we used VHS tapes that are glued together to create a stand with a black frame on top.


Stranger Things Watch Party Food

Make sure you pay for the party food versus stealing it like Eleven did in Chapter 7. In either case, you can still make the same delicious choice: Eggo waffles!

Stranger Things Watch Party Drinks

Put out a fun Eggo waffle bar full of fresh fruit, nuts and assorted toppings in different trays for guests to make their breakfast creation of choice.


Stranger Things Watch Party Waffle Bar

We all know Eleven liked her Eggo waffles straight out of the box but your friends might want to create custom mixes at your waffle bar.  In case they’re stumped on what combinations to try, consider creating a few specialty waffle creations named after characters on the show and display them on cards for their convenience.

Stranger Things Watch Party Plate

We all know Dustin had a sweet tooth so chances are he’d pile on syrup, sprinkles and chocolate chips!

Stranger Things Decorated Cookie Tutorial

Check out our tutorial to see how to make these Stranger Things decorated cookies of the characters and the logo here.


Stranger Things DIY Costumes

Mouth breathers or not, encourage all your cosplay loving friends to dress like their favorite cast member for the viewing party! #RIPBarb Here are a few ideas if you’re stumped!


Stranger Things Watch Party Activities

And if they’re not in the mood for a full getup, let them choose their favorite button or mini button with some select personalized messages inspired by the hit series.


Stranger Things Watch Party Favors

Even though the Byers brothers were often seen rocking out to vinyls, you know the 80’s were all about the boom box! Send guests home from your viewing party with some sweets inside these Boom Box favor boxes and bring back that retro vibe. Scour the local stores for candy reminiscent of this decade, making sure to include Pez and Smarties, two things Dustin packed when in charge of food for their adventure.

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