Summer Luau Party Ideas

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Get ready to whisk your friends away to a Hawaiian inspired afternoon when inviting them to your backyard luau celebration! Surround them with bright colors and happy tiki designs to celebrate summer. No matter what day of the week it’s held, they’ll be happy to create their own sundaes at your fun ice cream bar. In no time you’ll find them swaying to the hula while wearing paper leis they made themselves.

Tara from Spot of Tea Designs styled and photographed this flowery luau. Take advantage of the summer sun and throw your own tropical celebration.


Luau Party Invitation

No doubt friends will be ready to say “aloha” to all the fun you have planned when seeing this tiki themed invitation in their mailbox.


Luau Decorations

Bring the sunshine into your party with a bright and colorful color palette of pinks, oranges, yellows and greens.

Sprinkle in hints of that Hawaiian feeling with tiki characters, hibiscus flowers and sweet pineapples throughout.

Luau Decoration Details

Tip: use milk crates or boxes to add some height and separate the decorations in your table space.

Disguise these items by wrapping with colorful tablecloths or hang decorative garlands in front.


Luau DIY Lei Station

A traditional luau usually includes some entertainment along with the food. Consider these items to entertain guests, both big and small, during your summer time celebration.

  • Paper lei station craft – String beads, punched shapes and paper straws together to create handmade leis. Learn more here.
  • Hula hoop contest – Grab a few colorful hula hoops and challenge friends to compete to see who can keep them up the longest with a good old sway of the hips.
  • Bubble station – Keep a big container of bubbles along with an assortment of bubble wands in a bucket for lots of creative play!
  • DIY obstacle course – Gather all your outdoor gear, sidewalk chalk, sports equipment and create an outdoor course.

Food & Drink

Luau Sundae Bar

With a party set in the summer months, you’ll need to find ways to beat the heat. While a luau traditionally includes hot foods, consider cooling everyone off in a fun way and stage a fun ice cream bar! Here are a few tips to make it a successful and delicious experience:

  • Even if you only plan on having the actual ice cream containers out for a short period of time while serving, keep them on ice!
  • Corral all the toppings on a washable tray so anything that may overflow won’t make your full table messy and sticky.
  • With the hot sun beating down, keep lots of napkins on hand, both at the ice cream bar itself and also at the eating area where they’ll be enjoying their sundaes.
  • Cones are fun, but cups are less mess, especially with little ones involved. (But if you do want to go the cone approach, take the extra step to line them with sprinkles for a colorful and yummy effect!)
  • Shop your pantry! Crumble up cookies, pretzels or nuts already in your stash to add to the bar.
  • Consider different tastes in your bar to please everyone: fruit for healthy folks, something crunchy, colorful candy options, and an option for those chocoholics.

Luau Party Water Station

Don’t forget to keep friends hydrated during this backyard bash and add a large drink station of flavored water on your food table. Sure you can add a pile of plastic cups, but you could also add a fun element with coconut and pineapple plastic cups!


Luau Favor Tote & Tiki

Send guests home with a reminder of the summer fun had in your backyard luau. Gift them a fabric tote decorated with colorful sandals and filled with a fun plastic tiki cup! Hang them on your backyard hedge so they can pick whichever design they’d prefer.

If you like piña coladas, then you might like to throw your own Tropical Luau! Share pics of the party with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!







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