Super Bowl Bingo Cards [Printables]

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Let’s face it; football isn’t for everyone.

Sure, there are tons of great food and drink options at every early February get together, but why not find a way for everyone at your Super Bowl party – even the uninterested – to enjoy their time while watching the big game?

With Super Bowl Bingo from Wholesale Party Supplies, you’ll be amazed at how quickly even the most novice of football fans get involved in the happenings of the game.

  • Will the quarterback throw an interception soon?
  • How long do I have to wait before a coach challenges a play?
  • I know that at least one Kardashian is in this stadium right now – Why won’t the cameraman show them?!



  • If any of the events listed on your game card take place, cross it off.
  • Fill in an entire vertical, horizontal or diagonal row and shout “BINGO!” to win.


  • For extra incentive, have each guest put a set amount of money into a pot as an entry fee. The game’s winner(s) earn the pot.
  • For larger parties, split up into teams.

Print your Super Bowl Bingo cards:

Click the icons below to download our templates, print them and pass them out among your party guests.

board_thumbnails_1 board_thumbnails_2 board_thumbnails_3 board_thumbnails_4

board_thumbnails_5 board_thumbnails_6 board_thumbnails_7 board_thumbnails_8

Get the biggest win this February by throwing the ultimate Super Bowl Party for your family and friends! When you do, be sure to share the pictures with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. Touchdown!

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