Superhero Party Ideas

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Does your son marvel over Spiderman?  Is he faster than a speeding bullet? Then this superhero party will be perfect for his next birthday and the planning will be easy when you are armed with this superhero party guide as your secret weapon.

Planning and Preparation

Invitations and Decorations
Party Games and Crafts
Party Food and Favors

superhero birthday party


Superhero Party Invitations and Decorations

Set the stage for your superhero party with exciting party props and decorations.

    • Send out a signal to all invited superheroes with handmade comic invitations…
      “It’s a bird!” — “It’s Plane!” “No…It’s a Birthday Party!” OR you can choose from a variety of pre-printed invitations or personalized superhero invitations.

superhero party personalized invitation

    • Decorate your party space with traditional party decorations such as streamers and balloons to match your child’s favorite superhero.
    • Hang streamer curtains in the doorways.
    • “POW!”, “BAM!”, “ZAP! draw exclamation signs with poster board and markers.
    • Add paper lightning bolts, stars and other superhero symbols to the walls, windows and ceiling.
    • Include action figure toys for extra props on the table and set them out for playtime.
    • Painting a Metropolis cityscape on large cardboard boxes with butcher paper and kid-safe paint.
    • Set the party table with a combination of superhero party items and solid colors.

superhero balloons

  • Use a solid table cover and run paper streamers down the middle to create a table runner.
  • Make your party table POP with two-tone party plates in blue and red or red and gold to match the colors of your hero.
  • Scatter star shaped party confetti all over the top of the table.
  • Use a stand of cupcakes or your birthday cake for a centerpiece.
  • Small action figures holding place cards are a super touch and will serve as a party favor.


Superhero Party Games and Crafts

    • Give each child their very own superhero cape to decorate.
    • Send party guests on a search for hidden clues and pictures of “bad-guys”.
    • Try to hit Superhero insignias with a beanbag toss game.
    • Play an exciting game of Balloon Break.
    • Run a superhero relay race where the teams race to change their identity.
    • Set up an obstacle course for the superheroes to go through again and again.
    • Create a photo booth with these superhero photo booth props so the kids can take home a fun picture

superhero photo booth

  • A game of tag is easy to keep in your back pocket if you need an extra activity. “It” is the superhero and he will catch all of the bad guys. Home-base can be called the Bat Cave or the fortress of solitude.
  • Work on superhero skills with a tee-ball target game
  • New twist on a party favorite – play Musical Chairs with a superhero twist simply by adding comic pictures or insignias to the backs of the chairs.
  • For a fun party craft, decorate plastic light switch plates with comic book pages and Mod-Podge (craft store). This is best for kids over 7 years old.
  • Or make a fun star jars craft to take home.

Superhero Birthday Food and Favors

Superheroes can’t save the world on an empty stomach, so serve them some party favorites and you’ll be their hero!

      • Create a platter of food with a superhero theme like this Captain America platter

superhero food platter

    • Cut kid-favorite sandwiches with a star cookie cutter.

star shaped sandwiches

    • Top cream cheese filled celery with sliced red grapes.
    • Fruit kabobs with yogurt for dipping are always a hit!
    • Fruit flavored Italian syrups make it easy to serve festive colored drinks.
    • Fill a cupcake stand with  cupcakes  frosted in the colors of your party theme. Mini superhero figurines can go on the top of the cupcakes and be a party favor as well.
    • Serve everything on the Superhero Deluxe Party Kit.

Superhero Deluxe Party Kit

    • Action figures make it easy to decorate a sheet cake to match your party theme.
    • Favorite party favors for this party theme are comic book, masks, action figures, silly bands, coloring books and sports drinks.
    • Place party favors in colored paper sacks. Fold the bag and attach a collectible bubble gum card to the top with a paperclip.

superhero party favor

We hope you enjoy these Superhero Party Ideas. This one is for general superhero themes. If you want to see more specific superhero themes, check out the links below:

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