Tim Burton FREE Printable Coloring Pages

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Tim Burton FREE Printable Coloring Pages
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Can we can all agree that Tim Burton is a legend? You may not like his style, it leans to the more strange and unusual half of the creative spectrum. But there’s no denying he’s earned his status. With a list of blockbuster movies in his directing and producing portfolio that stretches back almost 40 years, he has refined his style and found a way to tell his stories in the distinctive way only he can. Movies like Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Mars Attacks, Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie and Nightmare Before Christmas (we could keep going, but you get the idea) make up a small part of the Burton anthology.

We’re looking forward to all of the things yet to come from his dark and mysterious mind. Beetlejuice 2? Teased for years and officially announced according to IMDB, we’re eager. Until then we have Dumbo flying into theaters March 2019. We’re here for it. We always have been.

We are here to celebrate all of the sad, creepy and weird artful ways Tim Burton has enriched our lives through his films. Of course, we’ll be dressing the part this Halloween in some of our costumes inspired by Tim Burton Movies while we color the Burton-esque creations below.

Click the images to save the coloring pages or download them all here.

Beetlejuice Coloring Page

Free Beetlejuice Coloring Pages

Beetlejuice clearly presented the creative motifs that have come to define Tim Burton’s style. Many of his movies pair unlike things side by side- in this case, the living and the dead trying to compromise as roommates.

Edward Scissorhands Coloring Page

Free Edward Scissorhands Coloring Pages

The sad story of Edward Scissorhands was really just a Tim Burton fairy tale. This love story proved that not all fairy tales have a happily-ever-after ending but life just goes on.

Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Page

Free Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Pages

Two souls that seem made for each other. It is plain to see, they are simply meant to be.

Frankenweenie Coloring Page

Free Frankenweenie Coloring Pages

When the bond between a boy and his dog can be mended with a resurrection, you know things are going to get weird.

Mars Attacks Coloring Page

Free Mars Attacks Coloring Pages

A Martian invasion movie spoofing on vintage sci-fi films that became a cult classic after a mediocre theatrical release. If you haven’t seen this one, put it on your list.

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