DIY Party Game: Treasure Hunt

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Party Games
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Include a fun treasure hunt in your party planning.

Whether you are throwing a pirate party, teenage sleepover or just hosting a summer picnic, a treasure hunt is always fun for kids and adults. This simplified version is easy to put together in a pinch and can be played indoors or outside.

Game Materials:

  • Paper
  • Pen or Markers
  • Tape, thumbtacks, etc. (Just some way to secure the clue, if necessary)
  • Hidden treasures – This can be the birthday cake, party favor bags, candy, toys or prizes.

Before the Party:

  1. Treasure HuntWrite numbered clues on the slips of paper.
    – Under a flower pot
    – In the mailbox
    – By the swing set
    – Tied to a bike
    – Tied to a rake
  2. Place the clues in their respective locations.
    Remember to hide the notes in the spot from the previous clue so that each clue leads to the location of the next. For example the note under the flower pot will tell the players the next clue is in the mailbox. The clue in the mailbox will say to look at the swing set and so on.
  3. Hide the treasure in the last spot.

Party Time:

  • Gather the kids and explain the rules if necessary. You may also want to explain to the players that they are working as a team to find the prize.
  • Read the first clue and send the players on their way to find their treasure!

It’s that simple!