DIY Trick or Treat Yard Signs

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DIY Halloween Yard Signs
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How does that saying go? Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! Let’s lose that last part and just take that first part and turn it into a friendly, Halloweeny hello to the guests at your Halloween party.

Don’t keep your fun Halloween party décor hidden inside. Get your outside looking festive with this fun yard art project. Surround re-purposed banner letters mounted on paper plates with ruffled tulle then pop them along a walkway or garden border for a quirky dose of eerie outdoor ornamentation.


DIY Halloween Yard Signs Supplies

We used regular crafting dowels as stakes, but if you need something more substantial, try trimmed down lengths of garden stakes instead.

DIY Halloween Yard Signs Step 1

Trim grommet tabs from banner letters. If using the printable, print to fit and cut out each letter. Printing on cardstock will help keep the letters from warping.

DIY Halloween Yard Signs Step 2

Glue the cardstock circles to paper plates.

DIY Halloween Yard Signs Step 3

Cut a two-yard strip of tulle about 6-7 inches wide.

Fold tulle width in half creating a 2-yard length of tulle that’s now half the width you started out with.

Hot glue the folded tulle edge along the backside lip of the paper plate, gathering as you glue.

TIP: Start by gluing the two ends at 12 o’clock. Find the midpoint of the tulle and glue it at 6 o’clock. This step will ensure that you have equal amounts of tulle to gather on each side of the plate.

DIY Halloween Yard Signs Step 4

Attach letters to the front of plates using foam adhesive.

DIY Halloween Yard Signs Step 5

Glue dowels to the backside of plates.

DIY Halloween Yard Signs Step 6

Simply stick them in the ground along a walkway or hedge to spell out your Halloween greetings to all!

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