Twinkle First Birthday Party

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Star light. Star bright. Is your little one turning one-year old tonight? Birthdays are milestones, and what could possibly be a larger milestone for a parent than their child’s first birthday? Through the long nights, the giggles, the tummy rolls, sweet dreams, and late-night feedings, you and your little one have finally reached this special day. No ordinary celebration will do – you need something extraordinary to mark this occasion. Luckily for you, we have just the concept in mind.

There’s a reason Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star has been a popular lullaby for decades – it encompasses everything a parent wishes for their child – peaceful rest and a curious and ever inquisitive mind. To help you celebrate your shining star’s special day, allow us to suggest our Twinkle Little Star theme. This idea is just what you need to guarantee the perfect festivities for your little one’s first birthday. Celebrate with yellow and gold stars, special treats, fun activities for the whole family, and, of course, the perfect party favors. Our Twinkle Little Star party plans will leave your (new) one-year old ready for a peaceful night, with dreams of a starry sky and the love they’ve been surrounded with all day.

Twinkle First Birthday Party Invitations

Twinkle First Birthday Invitation

Put a sparkle in guests’ eyes with these Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Blue Invitations.

Twinkle First Birthday Party Decorations

Twinkle First Birthday Decorations

Twinkle First Birthday Place Settings

Twinkle First Birthday Party Food

Twinkle First Birthday Food Accents

More than likely there will be a wide range of ages attending your little guy’s celebration so offer treat choices that will both appeal and be age appropriate for all.

  • Give the requisite smash cake the star treatment with a glitzy topper. You can get the SVG file for our “little one” HERE.
  • For the rest of the guests, offer cupcakes topped with decorative picks made from confetti.
  • Get even more mileage from the confetti by using it to embellish the twist ties of these Yellow Cello Bags filled with popcorn.
  • Moon Pies and celestial shaped rice cereal treats are yummy confections all ages will enjoy and devour.

Twinkle First Birthday Food Labels

  • Use the smaller standing pieces of the Twinkle Little Star Table Decoration Kit as food label holders. We backed the labels with gold glitter blocks and attached them to the stars with adhesive dots.
  • For the smaller guests, set out bowls of Comet Crackers (aka oyster crackers) and Saturn Rings (aka Cheerios).
  • Guests with more mature taste buds (and teeth) will love Milky Way candy bars, Starburst fruit chews, Twinkies and cookie pops.

Twinkle First Birthday Party Activities

Twinkle First Birthday Party Activities

Again, because a variety of ages will be attending, provide activities that will both appeal and be age appropriate for everyone. Here are a few suggestions:

  • What Will He Be? Provide guests with cardstock stars and ask them to write down their predictions for what the birthday boy will be when he grows up. Adhere stars to the wall behind a 1 Blue Birthday Standup then use this area as a backdrop for the smash cake fun. The photos will provide a lasting memory of everyone’s predictions.
  • Bubbles. Everyone loves bubbles.
  • Ring Toss. Fun and simple for any age. Try this one shaped like a birthday cake.
  • Fishing with Ducks Game. Especially fun for all the grandpas to share with their grandkids.
  • Canopy Fun Game. Babies as well as octogenarians will love this gym class classic.


Twinkle First Birthday Party Favors

Twinkle First Birthday Party Favors

Decorate Light Blue with White Star Favor Boxes with gold rimmed thank you tags and confetti toppers. Fill boxes with stellar trinkets and treats for guests to enjoy at home after the party. You could include items such as Bubbles, Noise Goo, Starburst candy and chocolate star wands.  Other options are Yellow Blowouts, Inflatable Airplanes and Punch Balloons.

With all these dreamy options, your little star will leave a twinkle in everyone’s eye on their first birthday celebration!


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