Vampirina Decorated Cookies

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Vampirina Decorated Cookies
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There’s a new little vampire going around stealing the hearts of young girls everywhere but don’t be alarmed!! Vampirina is just trying to make sure her new life in Pennsylvania is full of friends. It might not be easy fitting in when you’re different, but Vampirina is way more popular than she even knows. Vampirina themed birthday parties are the latest craze!

Make the party even more special with these adorable Vampirina Cookies that will drive your party guests batty! These are sure to please friends of any age, but they might just be too cute to eat.

Cherylin from @treat_yo_self_treats created these cute cookies, photographed and wrote about her step by step process below. Ready to sink your teeth in? Keep reading!

Vampirina Decorated Cookies

Vampirina Decorated Cookie Supplies

Vampirina Decorated Cookies Template

  • This template of Vampirina’s face
  • Cookie dough chilled and ready to cut. My favorite dough recipe can be found here
  • Royal icing. My recipe can be found here
  • Gel food coloring. I used Wilton pink, black, purple and a little blue to balance out the purple.
  • 2 – #2 tips for icing flooding
  • 4 – #1 tip for details
  • 6 piping bags with couplers
  • Edible food marker. I prefer Bakerpan as it is perfect for fine detail work

Getting Started

-Start by preparing your cookie dough. After mixing, take the dough out of the bowl and flatten down to a patty and refrigerate for 30 minutes. The flattening helps when rolling out in the next step.

-Cut out the Vampirina template while the dough is chilling.

-Once chilled, roll the dough out and using a paring knife or sharp knife, trace the template of her head. You can shape and smooth any rough edges out with your fingers before baking. Carefully transfer to a cookie sheet using a thin cookie spatula.

Vampirina Decorated Cookies Step 1

-Bake according to the dough recipe you used. Allow the cookies to cool on the tray before attempting to remove, as Vampirina’s bat pigtails are very delicate and can break if they haven’t hardened enough. (Tip: if they do break, don’t worry! You can use stiff royal icing to “glue” the pigtail back on!)

-While the cookies are cooling, prepare the royal icing. The royal icing recipe I provided yields enough for about 4 batches of my cookie dough. The royal icing recipe can be divided as needed, but I always find it helps to have more icing than less!

-Separate out your icing into different bowls for purple, black, dark purple, white and pink. The white, dark purple and pink are only for details, and you will need the least amount of these colors. Add color to your icing, and you will need a lot of black to make a deep black color. For Vampirina’s skin tone, start with a small amount of purple and tint with blue slightly to give her a cooler undertone. To make the darker purple icing just use more of the purple gel to intensify the color.

-Portion out more than half of your black and purple icing to another bowl for your flood icing. preparation. Thin this icing down with warm water slowly until it is the consistency of shampoo for reference.

-The rest of the icing (white, pink, dark purple, purple and black) can be thinned slightly to 20 second icing. This is the consistency of honey. It isn’t runny and can hold a shape, but comes out smooth.

Decorating the Cookies

Vampirina Decorated Cookies Step 2

-Using your edible food marker, reference the Vampirina face template and mark where her eyes and mouth will go.

-Using your white icing, fill in her eye area and while still wet, apply the darker purple color to her pupils. Applying the purple to the white while wet sinks the pupils into the white.

Vampirina Decorated Cookies Step 3

-Take your outline black with a #1 tip and dab a small black dot in each of the pupils, and then using a toothpick, dab a bit of white icing on top of the black for a shine mark.

-Next fill in the teeth and the tongue, and then fill in the center part of her mouth with the stiffer black. Then fill in the crown of her head with the 20 second black icing. Allow all of this to try a 8-10 hours, or a bit faster with a fan blowing on it.

Vampirina Decorated Cookies Step 5

-This is the part where you are going to need faith in this process because she is going to look crazy! Take the purple and fill in her face (but not her ears). I like to pipe the icing close to the eyes and mouth, but not touching these details, and then use a toothpick to guide the icing closer to these details.

-Wait for this to dry another few hours, and pipe her batty pigtails and ears.

Vampirina Decorated Cookies Step 6

-Make sure the purple icing for her face is completely dried before applying the black details around her eyes. Using a #1 tip and your stiff black icing, carefully pipe outline her eyes and add eyelashes. Add eyebrows afterward.

-Finish her up by adding her pink pigtail holders, nose and ear details. I also piped a tiny bottom lip to give her mouth extra dimension.

Vampirina Decorated Cookies

Vampirina Decorated Cookies Vampirina Decorated Cookies

If you’re thinking about having a Vampirina party in your castle then make sure to take a look at how we styled our little ghouls get together complete with DIY Vampirina Photobooth.

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