Vampirina Photo Backdrop – Paper Plates and Templates

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DIY Vampirina PhotoBackdrop - Paper Plate Hack
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Do you have a little one who’s obsessed with a ghoulish girl in a human world that’s blue with pointy teeth? Then it’s time to plan her Vampirina birthday party! If you’re looking to make an impactful piece of party décor but don’t want to break the bank, then turn to this fun DIY that uses paper plates as the base! See how to transform purple, blue and black paper plates into the gang from Disney Junior’s Vampirina!

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DIY Vampirina PhotoBackdrop Supplies


DIY Vampirina PhotoBackdrop Step 1

First, determine how many character and spiderweb plates you’ll need to create. Do this by first measuring your wall space then laying your plates out on the floor in those same dimensions. Use sticky notes to determine which will be characters or spider webs and which will be solid.

DIY Vampirina PhotoBackdrop Step 2

Next, create your character paper plates. Download the free template and cut out the shapes to size.

DIY Vampirina PhotoBackdrop Step 3

Use a glue stick to adhere the shapes to the paper plate to create Vampirina and Demi.

DIY Vampirina PhotoBackdrop Step 4

To create the spiderweb paper plates, use a hole punch to punch 8 holes around the edge of the plate. Thread yarn through the holes to create this star pattern seen on the left. This is the base of the spiderweb shape.

Tie a piece of yarn to one strand about an inch from the end. Wrap the piece around each subsequent strand going clockwise to create the spiderweb effect. Tie it once it gets back to the first strand. Repeat with additional strands up the full length of the stand.

DIY Vampirina PhotoBackdrop Step 5

To create the actual backdrop, first, hang a plastic tablecloth on the wall if you are aren’t happy with the wall color. Tip: cut holes in the tablecloth where you’d hang the backdrop so the weight of the paper plates doesn’t pull the tablecloth down. Create loops of painter’s tape in these holes to hang them on the wall. Press the plates onto these tape loops, putting them back up in the order you determined before setup.

DIY Vampirina PhotoBackdrop Step 6

DIY Vampirina PhotoBackdrop - Paper Plate Hack

DIY Vampirina PhotoBackdrop - Paper Plate Hack


Now your Vampirina Paper Plate backdrop is ready for your Halloween party or birthday bash. Guests will love this budget-friendly display that brings these loveable characters to life!

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