Vintage Style Patriotic Party

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Vintage Patriotic Party - Red, White and Blue
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The summer season is quickly approaching and with it comes all the patriotic outdoor picnics and parties. Whether someone is honoring our military with a Memorial Day picnic, waving the American Flag to celebrate our nation’s independence or hosting a summer barbeque with “’Merica” as the theme, consider going old school with a vintage patriotic party feel! Check out these decoration, food and activity ideas and host red, white and blue filled celebration right your backyard!

This post was written, styled and shot by Tara at Spot of Tea Designs. Visit her blog and keep up with her ideas for every occasion!


Vintage Patriotic Party Invitations

Vintage Patriotic Party Invites

Guests will be eager to eat, drink and throw some horseshoes at your patriotic party after seeing this vintage inspired invitation. Add a pop of color inside your envelop lid for an extra special touch! See how here!


Vintage Patriotic Party Decorations

Scour the house for items filled with red, white and blue or those which have a vintage feel as containers for your dessert table. Go all American Pickers and grab those decorative goodies filled with a great patina to bring in the vintage vibe or play up the old school farmhouse angle Fixer Upper style!

If you don’t have a wood fence in your party space as a vintage backdrop, hang this tablecloth and a large scale American flag to capture the same look behind your dessert table.

If you’re hosting this party for Memorial Day, flip through your photo albums and look for photos of family members who may have served our country. Display these uniform-clad photos in a mismatched collection of frames and be proud of those who served to secure the land of the free and the home of the brave. Add them to your DIY chicken wire frame or just hang a simple USA banner across the top.

Vintage Patriotic Party Table

Vintage Patriotic Party Decoration Details

Make it easy for guests to get their plates, napkins and utensils so they can fill up on desserts. Stage them all on a nested table right in front that can be dressed with this sweet stars and tassel garland.

Tip: Always put our more forks than anything else as they seem to always be the first to go!

Vintage Patriotic Party Tableware

Vintage Patriotic Party Tableware Details

Use this patriotic collection of plates, cups and napkins to feed your party guests. With the whitewashed look, they’ll love how well they coordinate with your vintage party theme!

Tip: Always offer dessert plates AND dinner plates to guests. Big plates are sometimes too big for little kids and little plates are too small for big appetites!


Vintage Patriotic Party Food & Drink Table

Vintage Patriotic Party - Red, White and Blue

People will OOOHHH and AHHH over your awesome patriotic dessert table if you stick to the main red, white and blue color scheme.

Vintage Patriotic Party Cupcakes

Use colorful frosting and white marshmallows to create a fun flag cupcake cake front and center.

Vintage Patriotic Party Food Ideas

Vintage Patriotic Party - Red, White and Blue

Insert festive cupcake toppers that match your vintage patriotic party theme with old school fonts.

Vintage Patriotic Party Food Details

Blueberries and strawberries are ready for the picking this season so fill up your red, patriotic desserts with these farm fresh fruits that fit the color scheme.

Vintage Patriotic Party Drinks

If you don’t have those fresh berries on hand, use colorful chocolate in the red, white and blue colors to keep the theme going. Try making this fun firecracker cupcakes with a marshmallow toppers, sweet and salty fireworks brownies, or drizzle colored chocolate over a fresh popped popcorn for a patriotic popcorn.  To bring in the vintage Americana feel you can also easily offer boxed Cracker Jacks to munch on during a game of horseshoes.

Vintage Patriotic Party Drink Details

Swap out the plastic straws that come with these mason jars and insert some color paper straws that fit the patriotic palette.

Vintage Patriotic Party - Red, White and Blue

If you’re party is adults only, go the alcoholic Jello shots approach, otherwise create a colorful layered version in tall goblets everyone can enjoy!

Make the fireworks appear a bit earlier than dark and add Pop Rocks candy to your dessert table or wrap candy tubes with a patriotic color palette for some more easy to grab and go candies.


DIY Handprint Flag Banner

Hopefully you’re blessed with a sunny day for your party and can plan lots of outdoor activities to entertain guests. Set up different areas of the yard with games and activities for all ages.

Since you’ll have so many friendly faces in one place, consider creating something special that truly is HANDmade! Discover tips and tricks to creating a large scale handprint flag that you can use as a fun DIY photo backdrop or you can hang outside your home all summer!


Vintage Patriotic Party Favors

A patriotic celebration isn’t normally one to include a favor but you can always include a fun takeaway to encourage them to light up the night! Display an assortment of sparklers or glow sticks for kids and encourage your friends and family to light up the night!

Tip: Slip the sparklers inside a favor tag and stick into a wrapped floral foam block to easily display them at your party space.

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