Where’s Waldo Party

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Wheres Waldo Birthday Party Ideas
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Have you seen him? He’s been hiding from us in books since 1987. The iconic pom-pom hat along with his red and white striped sweater may have helped you find Waldo (or Wally as he’s known in the UK) among the crowds and odd scenes where he is known to visit during his travels around earth and time. Waldo leapt from the imagination of illustrator Martin Handford and into books where he became cemented into pop culture and trended his way around the world. Now Waldo can be found in real life at virtually any comic con or other large costume event. In fact, 4,626 people dressed up as Waldo and got together in 2017 to earn themselves a Guiness world record for MOST WALDOS!

He’s ventured off the page into various forms of merchandise and we’re all pretty excited because you can even buy Where’s Waldo Party Supplies! So we’re here to help you celebrate like a true Wally Watcher with these Where’s Waldo party ideas. We’ve incorporated plenty of iconic elements that are hidden in plain view.

Where’s Waldo Party Invitations

Wheres Waldo Birthday Party Invitations

Upon opening their mailbox, guests will have no doubt as to the party’s theme. Waldo’s famous red and white stripes take center stage on this handcrafted invitation. Print and cut our invitation cover (get the pdf HERE) then attach to a blue cardstock base. Add printed party details to the inside and they’re ready to post.

Where’s Waldo Party Decorations

Wheres Waldo Birthday Party Decorations

  • Where’s Waldo book pages are the perfect jumping off point for the party’s décor. We started by cutting letters from them (we used this book) and incorporating those into a whimsical backdrop focal point. Our book page letters were backed with black cardstock for impact then hung on a Bamboo Cane … paying homage to one of Waldo’s most important traveling essentials.
  • Dress tables with Red White Stripes Tablecovers wrapped horizontally to mimic Waldo’s shirt.
  • Wrapping paper is always a quick solution for a table runner. We love how the classic Waldo pattern not only adds another thematic element to the décor but helps to break up all the red and white.
  • A Where’s Waldo Stand-Up won’t be hard for guests to find and definitely adds a charming touch to the decor.

Wheres Waldo Birthday Party Decoration Details

  • Pulling inspiration from Waldo’s cache of traveling essentials, gather items from around the house to use as tabletop décor: a camera, a kettle, a mallet, snorkel gear and a pair of binoculars.
  • Frame a Waldo portrait (taken from the book) for an easy art piece.
  • In the true Waldo spirit of things, hide a small bendable character toy for guests to spy as they are filling their plates with goodies.

Where’s Waldo Party Tablescape

Wheres Waldo Birthday Party Tablescape

Where’s Waldo Party Food

Wheres Waldo Birthday Party Food

  • Give plain white frosted cupcakes the Waldo hat treatment by adorning them with Red Striped Cupcake Wrappers and Red Gumball
  • Offer your hungry Waldo Watchers all things red and white such as marshmallows, red licorice, Gumballs, Swedish Fish, yogurt covered pretzels, red Jello cups, striped candy-covered crème-filled cookies and classic Red and White Candy Lollipops.
  • String cheese sticks and fresh strawberries are perfect on point color options for those guests seeking something less sugary.

Where’s Waldo Party Games

Wheres Waldo Birthday Party Games

Let your guests show off their finding skills by playing one of our Waldo style games.

Game #1

Pick someone to be “It” and hand them a small Waldo toy. Ask the other guests to leave the room. Once everyone is out of eyeshot, have “It” hide Waldo in a spot that is both clever and in-plain-sight. Invite players back into the room and have them silently search for Waldo. As each player finds him, have them sit down. The first player to find Waldo is the next “It”.

Wheres Waldo Birthday Party Ideas

Game #2

This game is played outside and is basically a version of Sardines. Have a willing participant dress up in a Waldo costume. We dressed ours in this costume and outfitted him with all of Waldo’s traveling essentials (cane, cup, mallet, kettle, camera, snorkel gear, binoculars, backpack, sleeping bag, shovel and messenger bag). Have “Waldo” hide while everyone else closes their eyes and counts. Once the count is done, everyone spreads out to find “Waldo”. Once a person locates him, they quietly join “Waldo” in hiding.  Then as the group grows larger, everyone “squishes” together, like sardines. Keep repeating until your willing participant is no longer willing : ).

Where’s Waldo Party Favors

Wheres Waldo Birthday Party Favors

Equip Waldo Watchers for their future finding adventures with an assortment of travel essentials. Place items in a White Favor Bag decorated to look like one of Waldo’s hats. Cover bag with striped pattern paper and a red cardstock strip along the bottom edge. A yarn pom pom adds the finishing touch. Fill a bag with things such as:

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