Winter Wonderland Party Ideas

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Bundle up and gather the kids for this snow-filled party piled high with fun!

winter wonderland

With a game of Mitten Mayhem and ice-crystal cupcakes, this party theme is perfect for snow-lovin’ kids! Use this quick reference guide to plan a kid-friendly Christmas party or to celebrate your child’s winter birthday. You can even host this party in the dead of winter when you need an excuse to have some fun! Check out our three party idea sections below

  1. Invitations and Decorations
  2. Party Games and Crafts
  3. Party Food and Favors

Winter Wonderland Invitations and Decorations

Set the mood for your party with sparkling icicles, snowflakes, frost, and snowflake themed tableware!

  • Order custom holiday invitations or write your party details on light blue card stock using silver and white gel pens.
  • Add a bit of snowflake confetti or sequins to the envelope before sealing.
  • Decorate the room with snowflake garland snowflake garland
  • Create your wintry party space with a blue, silver and white color scheme.
  • With your family’s help, make lots and lots of paper snowflakes and icicle paper chains to hang from the ceiling and decorate the front door, windows and walls.
  • Decorate the table with white lights, gossamer and matching White Winter partyware.
  • Fancy party chairs can be made with ribbons of paper snowflakes and even some tulle or gossamer – simply spectacular!
  • White and blue rock candy randomly placed on the table will resemble chunks of ice.
  • Drape white fabric over your furniture and piles of white balloon “snowballs” on the floor to transform your party room into a winter wonderland.
  • Do you have penguin or polar bear plush toys, ice skates (think safety), and sleds to include as props in your decor?
  • Welcome guests by lining your walkway with white paper bag luminaries – nighttime party only.

snowflake garland

Winter Wonderland Games and Crafts

Whether your entertaining kids, teens or adults, keep everyone happy with a couple of games and a fun craft or two. Select your favorites from the list below.

Snowman coloring craft

  • Use kid-safe face paint and glitter makeup to draw snowflakes on your guest’s cheeks as they arrive.
    Provide everything guests need to make their own paper snowflakes using white, blue, silver or decorative paper and several pairs of scissors. Check out some of the paper snowflake templates at
  • Race a clock to build block towers or stack marshmallows while wearing mittens.
  • Race to stack ice cubes (sugar cubes) within a limited period of time.
  • Guess how many mini marshmallows or sugar cubes are in a jar.
  • Play a snowball toss game by throwing snowballs at a target – make snowball bean bags with white socks and dried beans.
  • Try a round of musical chairs where the kids have to walk like penguins!
  • Kids love to play snowball stomp with white balloons.
  • Make snow globes with the kids using empty jars crushed egg shells and a few other supplies. You may need an extra set of hands and it’s best with kids over five years old.
  • Mix up a big batch of white glitter play dough and use rollers and winter cookie cutters during the party.
  • Buy a few coloring books for a winter theme like Frozen.
  • Bead an edible icicle craft with mini marshmallows, white and blue candies or even small sugar cookie beads you make yourself.
  • Make a penguin craft or two…the Internet is loaded with ideas!
  • Season of Giving Box – In your invitation ask guests to bring hats, mittens or scarves to the party in support of a local homeless shelter and decorate a box for delivery.

Winter Wonderland Food and Favors

Think white, cold and snowy for this Winter Wonderland party. Here are some food and favor ideas to get you started.

Ice blue rock candy

  • Make snowball or snowflake sandwiches with cream cheese and deli slices on white bread and cookie cutters.
  • Serve a sweet and savory snack mix in silver cupcake liners.
  • Try combining blue and white candies and creating a winter candy buffet.
  • Serve white chocolate covered pretzel “icicles” in a vase or a clean tin pail.
  • Top frosted cupcakes with crushed rock candy and make cupcake collars with paper doilies.
  • Kids will love to create and eat snowman shaped sandwiches.
  • How about a tower of coconut covered cupcakes, snowflake white fudge Oreos cookies (pictured right) or sugar covered donut holes (snow balls).
  • Paper doilies and confectioners sugar make it easy to top a chocolate cake/cupcakes with snowflakes.
  • Top off a bowl of your favorite punch (non-citrus) with icebergs of vanilla ice-cream or pineapple sherbet.
  • To make creative and inexpensive goody bags try filling mittens from the dollar store with snowflake stickers, yogurt pretzels and a pack of Ice Cubes gum!
  • Give a snowflake cookie cutter along with a baggie of homemade white glitter play-dough.

Platter of cookies wrapped in snowflake cellophane

A Winter Wonderland party is fun to celebrate whenever the weather is cold and snowy. December through February when it is sometimes to cold and dreary to go outside is the perfect time to bring a bright and snow-filled winter wonderland to your home. It may be cold out but hearts will be warmed by your party invitation.

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