Witch Halloween Party Ideas

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“Double Double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble.” – William Shakespeare

One of the most iconic figures in Halloween celebrations is the Witch. From the scary wart faced monster to the friendlier smiling witch, you will always find at least one trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Witches also make for a fun Halloween party theme. Bubbling cauldrons, brooms and colorful “potions” are just a few really fun additions for a great witch party, but here are some really spectacular ideas for your party!



Depending on the general vibe of your party, whether scary or friendly, you can find many ideas for invitations, printed or hand -made, there is a perfect way to announce your magical party. Here are some ideas for witch party invitations:



Witches hats, brooms and cauldrons are definitely a must have for a successful witch party but here are some ideas to take your party to another level and make a visually stunning table scape:



“Scary” versions of food are the norm for a witch party, and though they don’t have to actually be scary, they can definitely add something special to the party.


Party Favors

Don’t forget to send your guests home with a magically sweet treat to remember your party! From DIY witch shoes filled with treats to custom made goodie bags you are sure to send them home happy!


Aside from flying on brooms, witches generally spend their time creating potions and curses but here are some activities for your party to keep your magical guests entertained:



Looking to fit the part? You can find many styles of witch costumes from the green makeup face to the cute little toddler witch costumes with tulle, you are sure to find something to wear to your magical soiree!

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