Zombie Halloween Party Ideas

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Zombies are here, and it’s time to party! This Halloween, let out your inner dead walker, and throw a one-of-a-kind zombie party! From bloody tablescapes to survival kits, this party guide has it all.



  • Planning a zombie party: Will your party be based on post-outbreak? Will it include survivors? Will your party mimic that of a destroyed city, plagued by the brain-craving undead?
  • Your invitation should communicate your chosen theme: For a post-apocolyptic look, take cardboard, and cut it unevenly. Burning the corners is also a nice touch. Then take some white fabric or jelly cloth, and cut or rip it to shreds. Hot glue a few strips down on it, splatter some red paint, and write your details on it!
  • Take a few plastic Halloween toys, like fingers or eyeballs, put them in a favor box or paper bag. Spatter the front with red paint, and hand deliver your message for a creepy effect!
  • Make a newspaper clipping, announcing the impending zombie apocalypse, and make your party a survivor rendezvous point.



  • For a great post-apocalyptic look, take some gauzy fabric, and splatter it with red craft paint. Additionally, you can paint your hand and make handprints or smear it. Once dry, drape these over walls, furniture, tables, or mantles.
  • Print up some caution signs, or purchase some zombie caution signs to hang up around the house.
  • Fake spiderwebs are great to hang around in corners and doorways, along with hanging some plastic body parts with fishing line.
  •  UV lights or strobe lights are also fun. Just make sure your attendees don’t have any medical issues that could be effected by the light.
  • Take a large wall map, and scrawl “Nowhere is safe” across it. You can also splatter fake blood on it, or put thumbtacks in it with Xs on the map for safe places that have been compromised.


Personalization goes beyond just having a name on a tent card. Think like the undead when making your party personal.

  •  Make zombie names for your guests, and attach them to name cards. Names like “Saraaagh”, or fun random ones like “Aarrgghh gooor”.
  • A zombie apocalypse isn’t complete without some evidence of demise. Instead of nametags, you could have tags that describe the way your party guests died.
  • Order a personalized banner to hang in a doorway, or make one out of cardstock, markers, and paint. You can also download creepy fonts for free, and cut/paste letters onto a banner.



Everyone expects food at a party but  Zombies only survive on brains and other body parts!

But with a few supplies, you can make a fantastic feast fit for any zombie.

  • Use hot dogs/onions to make finger dogs.
  • Purchase a brain mold, and use it to make brain jello, and a brain-shaped cheese ball.
  • Take sandwich cookies, dip them in white candy melts. Thin out some blood-red royal icing, and splatter it on for blood-stained cookies.
  • You most likely have a plastic glove or two in your home. Fill them with water, and freeze to add to red-colored punch.
  • Make popcorn balls, and paint red food coloring on them. Stick them in a large glass jar, and you’ve got brains ripe for the picking.
  • Use white cake mix, and make cupcakes. Take white frosting, and use food coloring to turn it light pink. Pipe cherry pie flavoring in the middle of the cupcake, and frost with a line down the middle, and brain “squiggles” on each side for brain cupcakes!
  • Use a blood-stained tablecloth, and another one behind it as a backdrop, and fill your table with zombie-themed goodies!


You’ve got the stage set, the food out, and the party’s here. But what are you doing to do to keep them entertained? With a little prep work you can have some fantastic games for all your undead guests to enjoy.

  • Play “shoot the zombie” with some printed out zombie heads along with cheap dart guns. See who can shoot the zombie in the head from the furthest away, or blindfold your guests to see who can get a headshot. You can also purchase zombie targets at a sports store.
  • Play zombie charardes, where your guests have to act out celebrities/movies as zombies.
  • Stuff a junk pair of pants and shirt, staple them to a piece of plywood, and cut out a hole for a face. Cover with fake blood, and use it as a zombie beanbag toss.
  • Use toilet paper and wrap up your guests as zombies.
  • Watch a few zombie movies, and think up some trivia questions, or try to “Name that zombie movie”.



As you send your zombie friends off, send them off with something to remember the party by. You can either send them off as survivors, or fellow undead – their fate rests in your hands. Personalizing each favor box is a great way to add something special to their kits.

  • Use favor boxes, or actual kits, and splatter them with red craft paint as blood. Spraypaint “Zombie survival kit on the outside” Or “Zombie Welcome Package”.
  • Fill your kits with things like twinkies, ramen, candy, and a small flashlight, if it’s a zombie survivor, and for zombies, include gummy body parts, sunglasses, vials of edible blood or brains, and duct tape to re-attach severed limbs.
  • Make sure to include a personalized thank you note with your guest’s name (or zombie name).


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