1" Carabiner

These Personalized Carabiners are fun accessories to keep around, though you shouldn't bother trying to take them climbing! These items are perfect for hooking onto a pair of keys, onto a bag or really any kind of thing you want to be able to connect to something else. Plus, we personalize them especially for your party.

They're designed like the cliff climbing clips you'd see a professional use, but our better used for decoration than anything else. And that's fine, since they look great with all these different styles. You can get one in a variety of different styles from seasonal looks to sports or game focused designs that all look great in their own ways. If you want to give out a special favor at a party then you can pick out the perfect look that the guest of honor will love and have it customized just for them. On the other hand, you can get one or two for yourself and some people close to you for fun trinkets that are made just for you all to enjoy sharing and accessorizing with. In fact, putting your name on a design you love will make accessorizing your keys or other objects even funner!

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