Activity Mats

When it's time to have your guests come to the table, make sure to have our Activity Mats on hand. Sure the little ones will gather round for food or drink. And yes, everyone will pretty much sit still for cake and the opening of presents. But beyond that you'll need to keep little hands and big imaginations satisfied. Our Activity Mats measure 11”x17” and all can be customized with the guest-of-honor's name. You can even add a unique message to each one. Really the kids can have a field day hunkering down with some crayons and markers, and their imaginations.

The great thing about these mats is that you can easily keep within your party's theme passing them out. We have sports mats like football, soccer and baseball. Mats for certain age groups or mats for a magic party. Mats with robots on them, ballet slippers or a big sweet strawberry. But the big reason these are called Activity Mats is for what your guests can do with them. There are mazes, big fun images to color in, spaces for doodling and even counting games.

Let's face it, you want your child's party to be memorable. As much for the cake, the theme you have so diligently built as for the fact that the kids were occupied enough to never grow bored and that they had fun at every turn. We can bring the fun right to you and set it down right at the table with our one-of-a-kind Activity Mats.

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