Advanced Graphics

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand Advanced Graphics, they are the premiere distributor of life-sized cardboard cutouts. They specialize in custom and licensed cardboard stand ups featuring celebrities, cartoon characters, movie characters, sports figures, bands, backgrounds and more. If you are planning a party with a specific theme, you may want a standee as the center of attraction. It makes a great decoration and even better photo opportunity.

Life-sized cutouts can be placed anywhere in your party venue to enhance your theme. Use superheroes, animated figures and classic film icons to decorate a home theater. Athlete stand-ups are a great addition to a man cave. But perhaps there best use is for taking pictures with. How awesome would it be to pose next to a full-size version to a character? Its a super party idea and makes a take home favor that people will actually like.

To create a photo booth for your party using an Advanced Graphic standee you will first need to decide on a background. It could be anywhere but if you want to pull your theme together, choose a background that matches. For example, a Batman standee would look great in front of a night time city skyline whereas Anna and Elsa would look best with a winter scene.

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