Balloon Games & Kits

Accessories for children's birthday parties are always great to add a little color and charm, but they can be enhanced if they also promote some playful activity. The Balloon Games & Kits are exactly the types of decorations you'll want if it is important that the children do more than just sit at a table. The most representative and easiest accessory to set up are the many different punch balloons available. We have solid color ones that come in green, blue, and yellow and other solid color ones that are stamped with assorted themes. For boys there are themes like Cars, Batman, and Spider-man, and for girls there are themes like Tangled, Tinkerbell, and The Little Mermaid. The children will have a lot of fun interacting with these.

If the party happens to be outside when it's warm out, then a water balloon fight will most certainly be the activity all the children will want to participate in. The package of water balloons comes in a 36 count. We also offer assorted instructional kits and balloon packs for making balloon animals. The Balloon Animals Kit comes with its own pump to make the process go by quickly.

Getting the kids away from the table is the right idea because there will be a lot of time to pass when dinner or dessert isn't being served. With these Balloon Games & Kits the children will be able to interact together in a more pleasant and fun way.

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