Barbara Millicent Roberts is a stylish girl that everybody knows. Don't recognize the name? All of her friends call her Barbie! Barbie has been around since 1959 and she's been on top of the latest fashions since then. She's such a big deal that for her 50th anniversary, there was a runway fashion show featuring the clothes of big-name designers! This trendy gal's best known as a doll, variants of which are now enjoyed by children and more mature collectors alike, but she also has books, movies, makeup, and a ton of other products that aren't dolls. Barbie's still one of the top toys that kids ask for by name!

The things that you can do with Barbie are endless. She, being one of the queens of contemporary fashion, has a myriad of accessories available to her. You can buy her shirts, pants, skirts, and shoes. Once you've chosen the perfect outfit, you can brush her soft blonde hair and style it anyway you'd like. Barbie has vehicles, pets, babies, and most importantly, lots of friends! You can play with her on her own, or you can choose to pretend she's a veterinarian, a mom, a teacher, a princess, a runway model, and much more! She loves to go anywhere you do, sometimes even in the bath, so make sure you bring her along for all kinds of memorable adventures!

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