Black Candy

Though this color isn't always the first choice for sweets, our black candy selection will make a wonderful impression on you and your guests. Pieces like chewy gumballs, sweet sixlets, and assortments of hard candies like rock candy and lollipops will all come in a delicious black cherry flavor. For adult-oriented events, pick white as black's co-pilot and you'll have a buffet of sweets that look as refined as a tuxedo. As the color of death and other dastardly things, this shade of midnight is a no-brainer for Halloween parties. For other birthday parties, such as kid's or teen's celebrations, using black will make another color pop. Some of our pieces are already striped with white, so use them for birthday themes that walk closer to the wild side, such as safari, jungle, and zebra themes. If you don't want to get stuck with the extras, put a pile of cellophane bags or cardboard containers on the table so your guests can pack their own loot bags.

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