Black Party Under $1

Halloween is a time you take very seriously, and you enjoy making the best parties each year, but gathering so many different supplies and decorations can get quite expensive. The Solid Black party Under $1 will help you save some money while keeping in spirit with your scaring goals. These supplies will help you ensure everyone has a place at the table and things to take home after the night is over.

The solid black plates, cups, and napkins will go nicely with fake cobwebs and plastic critters like rats and spiders. These items are also recyclable, giving you a break from washing dishes after celebrating for several hours. Convenience is key when trying to facilitate a party, and we took that quite seriously when preparing this collection of party goods.

Other than solid black items, we also feature polka dotted ones. The napkins with white polka dots will add a charming gothic touch to the table that guests will compliment endlessly. And since party favors will be a must-have after a Halloween party, pack away each guest's assorted take-aways into matching loot bags. You'll have a Halloween celebration from start to finish.

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