The benefits of reading include enhanced smarts, reduced stress, greater tranquility, improved analytical thinking, increased vocabulary, improved memory and reading helps prioritize goals. What better way to encourage good reading habits in our children then with your personalized bookmarker? You will never have to worry about losing where you left off reading again. These unique bookmarkers come with a variety of themes including zoo babies party, little cowboy party, surfer dude, pink poodle, summer fun, pirate, camping, basketball, ballet and cheerleading to name a few.

The 2.125" x 6" laminated bookmark comes with a 4.5" matching tassel and can be customized with your child's name. Bookmarkers can be used as party favors and will help to positively reinforce the importance of reading to your children. Encouraging good reading habits early in young children. Sold separately, just go to our website and fill in the quantity and you will be allowed to preview what your bookmarker will look like with it personalized before you purchase it. Suggested for children ages three and up.

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