Building Sets

It's time to strap on that hard hat and put down the dolls this time around! Explore all the possibilities of extensive models with our construction sets. With a medley of options that range from novice to experienced you can rest assured that your little girl will find the challenge level appropriate to her experience. You won't need any nails or real hammers to bring our blueprints to life! You'll just need an awesome partner and a fun work ethic that'll be a blast to work with!

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We've got sets of all types that are available for your little girl to work on. They can consider building chic vacation houses for some of their dolls, a house so nice that you'll want to consider spending time there! Have your little girl bring her dream castle to life with some of our medieval blueprints that can hold her very own knights of the round table and prince charming. She's a fan of all the farm animals like horses, so why not build a farm that has her style infused into it? Who says that you have to travel to a tropical island? You can build your own tropical getaway with her so she can bring the vacation to you. With the array of designs and styles that we have you can be sure that she'll find her niche and create something that's awesome!

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