Cake Pans

The number one thing most kids associate with birthday parties is a cake. This is a tradition that is always exciting because it's the one specific time during the party where all the attention is focused on the birthday boy or girl making him or herself a wish. Grant a special, little one a bit early by providing your child with a cake that will mesmerize him or her. Our collection of Cake Pans are ideal for any party situation. Each pan is made of reinforced aluminum that will stand up to the heat when making your finished product perfect. There are numerous themes available in this catalog to pique the interest of your child, and each pan has been carefully crafted to make each cake look striking and real.

Boys would be ecstatic to have a cake from one of our many popular themes like Spider-Man, Buzz Lightyear, and a Pirate Ship. Girls would be equally pleased with a design from a theme like Hello Kitty, Tinkerbell, or Enchanted Castle. Simply make your favorite batter, place it in the oven, and the cake will be finished in no time. This type of cake also gives you the opportunity to have your child help decorate once it is finished baking. With frosting and cream, you and your child can color in the confection to make it come alive.

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