The ceremony surrounding the cake is a special occasion during any birthday party, and blowing out the candles to make a wish is a tradition that will perhaps always be a part of life. We believe that this moment, although brief, is important enough to make even more special with the right ones for the job. The candles we have available in this collection are ideal for many different types of parties. Several popular and traditional themes are represented, and the candles available come in either packs or as one large candle. The larger ones tend to be highly detailed and have a strong association with the theme they depict. These candles are just a little something extra that makes your child's chosen party theme seem more enchanting.

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A few of the styles we have for boys are a large, single Diego candle in the shape of the title character, Lego candles in a pack of 4 that depict assorted Lego people in vehicles, and a Spider-man candle in the shape of Spider-man crouching on a rooftop. A few girls' candles include a Little Mermaid, in the shape of Ariel, a pack of 4 in the shape of cute tea cups, and a Dora style depicting Dora and Boots sitting under a tree.

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