Coloring Book

With the wide range of personalized Coloring Books we can supply the possibilities are limitless for the fun your guests can have. You might be planning some great food, the cake might just be about the best anyone will ever hope to have. But don't forget you need to keep the party fun with a capital FUN. The best idea for the very best activity-and one to keep the kids occupied for a good long time-is to get them sitting at the table or down on the floor with one of our coloring books in hand. Our eight and a half by eleven books are perfect for kids of any age and are full with sixteen unique pages. Let's get the kids coloring!

Our books are personalized, that's what really makes them so much fun. Each guest will see their name printed across the front of their own individual book. In effect you're not only giving the kids a great activity but also a unique keepsake. Then too our books keep to the theme of your child's party. We have Firefighter books, ones with Jungle Animals and Construction vehicles for those truck/construction parties. You'll find we have every theme covered in this coloring book collection.

Good guests, a delicious cake and fun activities that occupy the kids as much as give the parents a few minutes to gab is what we are all after when planning our child's party. Our Coloring Books, personalized for theme and guest, will go a long way in making your party special for everyone. Order today.

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