Favor Mug

What better way is there for your guest to always remember your event, then with a Personalized Mug! Our selection of cups can be used as party favors and even as seat placements at your next event. Don't worry about these mugs standing out from your celebration, because we have a wide variety of subjects like monkeys and gender reveal themed cups that are sure to blend right in.

Each one of our mugs comes in white and features a sturdy handle, which makes it quite easy to grasp as you are having an awesome time at the event. To display any of our awesome themes, simply unscrew the lid of the mug and slide the paper inside. Now all you have to do is screw the lid right back on and set this mug anywhere you would like. How amazing will your celebration look with your matching themed banners inside this large cup? What's really exciting about our mugs, is the fact that you can personalize each one with anything you would like. You can have a popular slogan displayed, your guest names, or even your events name. How stylish will your tables look with this cup acting as a seating chart! Of course, this mug can also be given as a party favor and it can even be displayed with different messages for each one of your guest! Can you just envision your guest looking down at this cup and reminiscing about your child's first birthday or your Christmas bash?

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