For thousands of years, games have been a way for men and women, boys and girls to challenge themselves and to learn practical skills. With our fabulous selection of girls' games your child can do the same thing -- and have fun doing it. We offer fun games and activities for girls of all ages that will stimulate your child's mental and physical development, so take a look around because you're sure to find one that both of you love.

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Games are great for individual and group play. While most games are designed for one more than one player, sometimes it's fun to compete against yourself. Many people are able to push themselves to further heights and greater goals when they try to break their own record or beat themselves at the same game. They're just as fun, however, when you gather a group of friends together for a competitive gaming session at a birthday party or other event. We offer a selection of games that are specifically designed for parties, but you can adapt almost any game to work with a group.

No matter how your child likes to play, you can trust that she'll always have a great time with the games in this section. No matter how old she is, she'll be developing skills that will prove to be vital as she grows.

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