Gold Dots

Whether you're throwing a birthday party, engagement party, wedding shower, or anniversary, you'll be golden if you opt to throw a simple but classic Gold Dots themed party. Gold is always a classy color, and with this simple pattern of white dots on a gold background you'll be able to use it for loads of occasions.

Set the tone by sending out a personalized invitation featuring white dots on golden yellow so guests know what to expect. Mix and match your tableware with an elegant look that looks like it took all day to conceive by combining our solid colored gold plates with the pattern, giving a unique look to each table setting. We have two different sizes of plates for both cake and party food. These table setting will look charming on our table cover, which features an inverse pattern of gold dots on a white background to make things for visually interesting. Gold balloons will abound in your party, as we have anything from polka dot patterned latex to bright and shiny foil balloons. Bring a little bling to the party by placing bright gold foil centerpieces on the table and sprinkling the setting with shiny gold confetti. For celebrations for people over 21, don't forget to pick up some plastic champagne flutes for toasting, and party bombers for the wild party afterward.

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