Green Candy

There's something lucky about this color, so make sure you have green candy at your next big event to ensure that it's a hit. Luck, the Irish, and the color green are the St. Paddy's Day trifecta, so supplement your celebratory drinks with some of these clover-colored sweets. Green is also one of the forerunners of Christmas and is most commonly seen working with red to spread some joy in the December months, so choosing some red pieces, especially ones with white swirls, are a smart move for holiday gatherings. Lime green brings about tropical feelings, making the lighter shades of these sweets perfect for your luau buffet table. When supplementing a child's birthday with treats like these, you can be sure that they'll disappear by the end of the party. Use them to enhance themes that revolve around military, the jungle, hunting, and even TV characters that have green skin, like everybody's favorite fighting turtles. You won't have to worry about leftovers, because your candy buffet in green will get picked clean.

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