Green Party Under $1

After suffering a winter as intense as this last one, we believe a week-long party is in order to celebrate the coming of everyone's new favorite season. The Green Party Supplies Under $1 page features supplies that are indeed under $1. You'll be able to buy an entire collection of napkins for the same price you pay for a premium candy bar at checkout from your local grocery store.

In the spring everything is green outside, which is absolutely comforting and warm, and warmth outdoors is another great addition to this season, so host your next party outside. Address the state of your patio table by laying down a green table cover. This shade will be ideal for any parties outdoors or for the upcoming Easter celebration. Then finish off the rest of the table with matching cups, plates, and napkins.

Afterwards, you must decorate the setting. A matching green streamer around the table will be a nice touch that guests will compliment you for making. Balloons are another addition that will enhance the aesthetics of the celebration. You may also add some contrast to your table setting by adding polka dot napkins into the mix.

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