Everyone loves stuffed animals, and no one is better at making stuffed animals than Gund. Gund has been manufacturing plush stuffed animals for well over a hundred years, and they've earned a well deserved reputation for excellence when it comes to both quality and safety. On our Gund brand page, you'll find all your favorite Gund products and some that are just waiting to become new favorites.

From its very first products up to the present day, Gun has been recognized as an innovator in the stuffed animal industry. It was the first brand to create licensed products featuring popular characters like Mickey Mouse and Tigger, and in the 1980s the brand launched its popularity into the stratosphere with the introduction of its Snuffles teddy bears, which have since become a household name. Many of the designs are limited editions, so don't wait to buy and miss out. Introduce your child to the magic of a Snuffles bear and they'll be a Gund fan for life!

Since those first Mickey Mouse and Tigger toys, Gund has continued to make plush versions of many of your favorite cartoon and TV characters. You'd be hard pressed to find a child in America who hasn't grown up watching Sesame Street, and our selection of Gund Sesame Street plushies is sure to please fans of all ages. Snack time will be even more fun with Cookie Monster, and even a grouch can bring a smile to someone's face with a plush Oscar.

Our Gund products are more than just toys -- they're friends for life!

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