Lip Balm

Everyone has gotten chapped lips and most have used different ways to treat it, however none of them are as creative as these Personalized Lip Balms, customized for use as a party favor or gift. While it might be used for some extra comfort around your mouth, this item will be a fun accessory as well with colorful look that comes from the different varieties offered.

You have a choice between various labels that feature simple and colorful designs to more obvious themes that you can get as an accessory for a special occasion. You can buy as many as a you need for party favors for guests of all ages. By matching the theme to the design and customizing it's text for the occasion you have a great item. Or if you want one for yourself, pick a look you like while putting your name on it to let everyone know that this special item is one of a kind, just like you. Either way you want to use them, you'll be satisfied knowing that the option is all yours.

You'll have everyone asking where they can get their hands on one of these personalized lip balms. You'll all be able to say, "here you go" and give them one customized just for them!

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