Luggage Tag

Made from a sturdy laminate and customized, really can you think of a more unique party favor then our Personalized Bag Tags? You want your child's party to go along swimmingly. You want each and every guest to have the very best time. You're planning for the games to be fun and challenging. The pizza to arrive on time and for the cake to be yummy. But what about the party favors. Do you have a home run idea for the after party keepsakes? We do. A Personalized Bag Tags are like nothing else you could surprise your guests with.

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First of all, it's a bag tag. Every kid sports a backpack these days, some sort of school bag, maybe even a carry all for whatever sport they might be into. So these tags are certainly something they will use. But then add the surprise of each child receiving a tag with their very own name on it! Now is that even neater, or what?

The great thing about our tags is that whatever the theme of your child's party is, we have the bag tag reflect it. Having a spaceman party, well there is a tag with a space ship, planets and a cool solar system border. Little Trucks as well as bugs make an appearance on tags sporting either of those themes. Jungle animals can be seen on one tag and another sports a Karate Gi with the name printed across it!

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